This week's retail design blog looks at Adidas' flagship in Russia, Stomping Ground's minimal store aesthetic, and Thaipanstudio's small-scale modular framework system. 

adidas Originals

Retail Design Blog Adidas

adidas Originals have launched their sole flagship in Russia, situated in Moscow. The brand have recently been pushing a changed aesthetic, with collaborations with the likes of Stormzy & Paul Pogba representing a new method of brand alignment, something which has impacted their in-store design.

Authentic materials are used throughout, with original exposed brickwork adorning the centre of the stores footwear displays and concrete flooring effects. However these are mixed with high impact, contemporary display solutions to lift the appeal of the store, such as the neon signage above the changing rooms, and the barely noticeable acrylic furniture cleverly placed next to vintage styled pieces.


Stomping Ground

Retail Design Blog Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground’s new store is an incredibly clean environment, that does a brilliant job of inviting customers to take a closer look at products. This is a result of the clutter free flooring space, combined with the illuminated product zones.

Using flat sheets of illumination (we presume using LED light sheets, with an acrylic diffuser), the products take full focus. This same principle is applied to the footwear display, with has a solid concrete backdrop and tightrope style wires housing the shoes.


Butterfly Milkbar - Thaipanstudio

Retail Design Blog Thaipanstudio

The Butterfly Milkbar by Thaipanstudio uses a slimline modular system for a range of purposes. You immediately notice the small-frame nature of the display, due to the wooden inserts acting as signage when you enter the store. 

This is then expanded as you go further into the store, with the wooden inserts housing products in a display that takes more space within the system. 


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