Shopping centres have always been the go to place for the ultimate in-store retail experience, with many names and stores all under one roof. But in this digital age, the way in which we shop is continuing to change, so it's essential that retailers think outside the box to keep up with the times. 

Whilst the basic values of shopping centres are still the same, changing consumer habits have seen shopping centres become more attraction and social based than they were previously with digital influences affecting the way consumers shop. 

“Customers are looking for retail destinations that offer the full package – the best brands, great places to eat and socialise and their perfect experience both at Christmas and all year round,”  - Intu chief executive David Fischel

A recent report by Verdict shows that 89% of UK retail sales have ‘touched’ a store, through a combination of in-store sales, click & collect and in-store browsing. In-store retail is still thriving but retailers need to match the innovation happening digitally in order to remain a pivotal destination for shopping. 

There are two main design components that retailers can target and innovate; window displays and signage. 

  • Monsoon teamed up with PAI to apply digital into their flagship London store. Digital elements feature throughout the store but the most impressive is the ‘Living Canvas’ located above the shop’s entrance. The canvas allows the brand to change the imagery that is displayed and respond to trends by adding new content. 
  • As part of the ‘Live + Loud celebrates Shakespeare ReFASHIONed’ event that took place last year. Selfridges unveiled a new window display at their Birmingham store which featured one of the biggest ‘animation effect’ prints ever seen in the UK. They were created using ‘lenticular printing’ which gave the images the ability to change or move when viewed from different angles. 

Window displays and signage are the first things that consumers see from the outside and the impact they have can affect the number of visitors your store tempts through the doors. Implementing innovative display technology can attract consumers and bring the online shopping experience into stores by using graphics, animation and responsive content. 

Here at Unibox, we’re passionate about creating retail solutions that drive sales for brands and retailers. Our LED lightboxes integrate high quality LED illumination with easy to change fabric graphics. The changeable feature of the lightboxes allows new campaigns and graphics to be displayed without having to buy a whole new display system. 

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