This weeks’ blog definitely has a consistent theme, with slim gauge frameworks all appearing in different applications, with different finishes in all three of our favourite projects of the week.



Chanel Project

In a luxurious open setting, clean lines provided by product displays and wall fixtures create focus points throughout the store.

Chanel has cleverly designed display cases and fixtures to catch the eye, most notably within jewellery displays that contrast a larger storage block with a bonded glass display, and in smaller accessory displays created with mirrors integrated into a slim framework to ensure the product is always in full focus.

Our final highlight is a ceiling mounted display unit, finished in gold with space for two pieces. This is a much more understated approach & material finish, but with the display being on eye level - an ideal break point in a customer journey.



Ugg Project

Check land Kindleysides have continued their brilliant work with UGG, launching their new store format that incorporates incredibly slim displays & shelving units.

Specifically used for footwear & accessories in this first concept, these slimline displays all incorporate custom finishes to shelves dependent on the store area & wood grain/finish implemented. This perfectly contrasts with the matt grey finishes to the framework itself, and creates a unit that highlights products whilst framing store areas.

Immediately catching our eye was the illuminated showcase displays in the seating area of the store, housing accessories such as purses & handbags. However this time our focus isn’t solely on the frame, as UGG have integrated an LED edge-lit panel into the bottom of the display, making the unit a clear attraction, whilst failing to take any of the customers’ focus away from the products inside.


made with volume

made with volume Project

Taking a different approach to material combination, made with volume created plinths with light grain wood decorated by dark grey metalwork. This frames each product area, whist providing different staging options for high visibility displays. 


Thanks again for looking through our post, if you have any projects you’d like to draw our attention to, let us know!