Light, or the perception of light, can be used to great effect, making it an essential design element in any modern exhibition stand.

From edge-lighting to illuminated graphics, by carefully considering light and different lighting techniques as part of the overarching exhibition stand design, exhibitors can create truly inspirational spaces that stand out from the crowd and deliver real ROI.

Lighting an exhibition space

Use lighting to capture attention and draw visitors to your exhibition stand

If you want to make your exhibition presence a success, it’s vital to grab the attention of attendees. There’s no point investing your hard-earned budget and time into a show if nobody wants to engage with you while you're there. While there are a variety of ways to capture the attention of visitors, used well, lighting is hard to beat when it comes to generating impact and effect.

Consider LED lightboxes for example; creating striking illuminated exhibition stands that deliver maximum visual impact, lightboxes don’t just create engaging, dynamic event and exhibition displays, they also drive footfall, enhance brand awareness, and help you to generate conversations with your target audience.

LED lighting displays can be single or double-sided, freestanding, corner columns, wall mounted, integrated, or even ceiling hung. Large format LED lightboxes deliver even more of that elusive “wow factor”, with virtually no size limits.

Just as important, with ease of transport and install paramount to exhibitors, the latest LED Lightboxes are lightweight and straightforward to assemble. What’s more, LED light boxes are adaptable, so they can be reconfigured and used over and over again; lowering the cost of exhibiting.

Exhibition Stand Lighting


Take a lesson from retail when it comes to designing your exhibition stand

When you get down to it, exhibitions are a high-pressure sales environment. As such, it makes sense for exhibitors to look to retail applications of lighting for inspiration on how to show off products to best effect.

Not only does lighting help to capture attention, but it also contributes towards increased dwell time and improved conversion rates. Retailers understand that customers react best when they can properly see goods, and to make the most of their stands, exhibitors should take a lesson from merchants.

Invest in a quality combination of accent and general lighting - using products such as LED lightboxes and customisable LEDs with bespoke colour temperatures and optics that modify the direction light travels - to lower brightness in some areas and increase it in others. This approach, when considered as part of the larger exhibition stand design, will help to capture and focus attention, and make products and promotions stand out.

Exhibition Stand Lighting


Shake things up using exhibition lighting

Lighting isn’t only essential when it comes to highlighting products and promotions; it can also influence the mood of visitors to your exhibition stand.

Strive to create an ambience that appeals to your target audience once you have captured their attention. Consider using LED lightboxes, neon-style signage (another key retail trend), illuminated shelving, and colour to evoke emotions and deliver an engaging exhibition experience.

Find out more about how retailers are using neon-style lighting in our trend report.

To create some theatre at your stand, you can also use lighting to change the look of your space completely throughout the day using programmable LEDs that change colour, or even animate, when someone is nearby.

With the latest updates to LED technology including frameless backlit versions, designers can become even more creative with the shaping of these boxes; opening up new and exciting possibilities for exhibitors.

Exhibition Stand Lighting


Make lighting an essential part of your exhibition stand design

Rather than being an afterthought, lighting must be integral to your exhibition stand design if you want to maximise impact and engagement.

Our relationship with Lumenal means that brightness levels, colour temperature, light distribution, and power management are all considered when designing an exhibition stand. And, with the ability to manufacture to your exact specifications, our lighting solutions can be any shape and virtually any size you want, resulting in the creation of truly bespoke, spectacular event and exhibition displays.

With a wealth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities, at Unibox, we’re reengineering the typical exhibition stand; creating ingenious displays that are dressed for success.

Take a look at our latest inspiration piece for some cutting-edge examples of how lighting is being used to produce breath-taking exhibition displays.