We’re about to install the biggest laser-etching machine in the UK into our factory, with a 3m x 1.5m etching bed featuring the ability to cut and etch organic materials such as glass, acrylic, wood and much more.

This new laser-etching and cutting machine will allow us to produce our own light guide plates for the production of Flux 18 Graphic Display panels, Edge-lit Shelving, Custom-Cut acrylic signage and assist with the manufacture of many more products. As we will be able to control the machine using our own custom software, we will be able to improve the consistency and efficiency of producing laser-etched products, particularly the Flux 18, due to new methods of manufacture being available. As all light guide plates will be produced in-house, we also aim to significantly reduce lead time.

The machine is most commonly used in Television Screen manufacture, meaning our Light Guide Plates will produce optimum light coverage (ensuring no blackspots) and output.