It's that time of year again! The streets are full of busy shoppers and the shop windows have all had their festive transformations. 

Christmas window displays traditionally date back to the late 1800’s with Macy’s being the first department store to bring the magic of Christmas to its windows. But in recent years it's become somewhat of a competition between the big department stores to have the best Christmas window display and TV ad. 

In this blog we’ll highlight some of 2017’s best Christmas displays as well as some of our own Christmas window display ideas. 

2017’s best Christmas window displays 

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols went all out for their display this year with bright colours, bold textures and innovative lighting techniques featuring across their UK stores. They have given Christmas a modern, futuristic twist and the clever use of lighting and colours has created a display that's guaranteed to catch the attention of busy passers by.

Harvey Nichols Christmas Retail Display



Selfridges unveiled its Christmas window displays all the way back in October. Their flagship Oxford Street store window is titled ‘With Love From’ and depicts the story of a Christmas parade, with parade floats that feature characters singing and dancing to the crowds of passing shoppers.


Selfridges Christmas Retail Window Display


Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason’s festive message is ‘Together We’re Merrier’. This message resonates in their Christmas window displays which illustrate characters in different important Christmas moments. Both the characters and objects come to life to create a tale that takes part across eight windows. 


Fortnum and Mason Christmas Retail Window Display

Christmas window display ideas 

There are many elements that come into play when designing and creating a Christmas window display that captures the holidays spirit. Lighting design and digital technologies are featuring heavily in modern day window displays. 

  • Lighting: Lighting is a important element in window displays and acts as the finishing touch to window display process. Choosing the correct style of lighting is important because if your window isn’t properly lit, elements within the display could be left in the dark. Lighting technology such as LED lightboxes both advertise and illuminate so incorporating them within a display could have an eye catching effect. You can find out more about lightboxes here
  • Digital technology: The human eye is drawn to movement, so using technologies such as Kinetik (our patented video animated lightbox) creates engaging window backdrops that are programmed from a USB drive. And you don’t just use them once - a Kinetik is for life, not just for Christmas. They can be reprogrammed time and time again. Find out more about the patented Kinetik here

Unibox make design concepts a reality. We collaborate with retailers and designers to create eye catching retail displays and spaces that drive traffic and sell products all year round. For more information or advice on how to create an effective window display, get in touch.