When booking your exhibition stand at a tradeshow your main aim as a business is to attract visitors and engage them with all aspects of your brand, services and products.

In a crowded exhibition hall, brands are standing out by incorporating innovative layouts, display and digital elements into your exhibition.

Find out how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand by using the latest displays and technology to capture attendees attention.


Technology can add both creative and interactive features to exhibition stands.

Whether through the use of animated lighting, augmented & virtual reality or social media. Using features like these in and throughout your exhibition is a great way to attract attention. 


Animated lighting such as our Kinetik lightbox, combines dynamic animation and variable colour lighting into one display feature. With changeable fabric graphics and programmable lighting the Kinetik is customisable and easily reprogrammed through a USB drive again and again. 

How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand


Augmented & Virtual Reality provides visitors with a fully immersive, unique and content rich experience. It also allows businesses to cut costs on the physical build of the exhibition because VR allows allows many messages and products to be displayed within one headset. 

Airbus incorporated VR technology at the Paris Air Show. They scrapped the traditional mock-ups to give way to a new digital zone full of immersive and interactive display technologies, creating an improved experience of Airbus’ products and services in VR scenarios. 

How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand


Beacon technology has the ability to engage visitors in a multitude of different ways. They can send push notifications, communication information, directions and digital flyers, graphics or brochures directly to mobile devices.  

Beacons do this by using geolocation features. Through the use of geolocation exhibitors can also incorporate social media platforms into their experience. Geolocation is being increasingly used by businesses in the form of social media, and more specifically, Snapchat. Snapchat creates stories and personalised filters which can only be accessed or contributed to if the user is in a certain location or attending an event - meaning businesses and exhibition organisers can create custom content to engage specific audiences.

What’s more, they’re easily integrated into exhibition stands. Usually half the size of a coaster, they can be placed tactically surrounding products to send visitors to certain areas of a website, apps, landing pages and more.


Product Demos 

By demonstrating products, exhibitors are introducing potential customers into the nuts and bolts of how a product actually works. It's a good way of allowing products to inspire visitors and it can help create shareable moments throughout the exhibition by allowing visitors to schedule a time to come see live product demos. 

This also provides visitors with a hands on experience, and a chance for sales staff to engage with customers for longer than the standard momentary glance or handing over a brochure. By demonstrating exactly how a product can benefit attendees of the exhibition, the features and benefits of the product aren’t trapped within some clever marketing copy - they’re plain for the visitor to see.
How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand


‘High’ Visibility Displays

Exhibitors need to make the most of every inch of space. Using the space available vertically is a great way of being noticed throughout the exhibition. Using products like our 3D TFS branded graphics can be suspended from the ceiling, or by using our modular system, custom structures can be created to attract the attention of passers by.

How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

At Unibox we’re experts in bringing ideas to life. Our wealth of experience and advanced manufacturing allows us to create both retail and exhibition displays that raises brand awareness and ultimately increases sales.

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