The digital world has heavily changed the way people shop, both in store and online. Customers now expect more from a single shopping experience. They expect to be engaged by a store environment and the products on display.

Also, easy accessibility to the internet through mobile devices allows shoppers to look for more information about brands and products, which often results in cross referencing with other retailers and manufacturers whilst in store.

Results from Astound Commerce Insight’s “Global Brand Shopper Survey”, covered here by SGB Media, show the new trends for both online and in store shoppers, with 55 percent preferring to shop online direct with brand manufacturers, and 72 percent still prefer to shop at physical retailers where multiple brands are sold.

Why are consumers shopping directly with brand manufacturers?

Some of the key reasons why shoppers are choosing to shop directly with manufacturers include:

  • Engagement: Brand manufacturers are able to focus solely on their brand which provides for better engagement with the consumer. More in depth information about product ranges and the brand provide for a more engaging experience.

  • Products: Brand manufacturers often stock a wider range or products or exclusive items which aren't sold through retailers, with consumers also gaining more information and research from the information provided by manufacturers - resulting in more sales.

  • Pricing: Manufacturers can sell their products at reduced prices as their products bypass the supply chain travelled by items sold in usual retail items.


Why does in-store experience play an important role for brands?

72% of consumers prefer to shop in-store, to get the full brand experience which digital platforms can’t provide.  

  • Experience: Shoppers visit physical stores to get a fully immersive brand experience which isn’t present online.They have a more personal, hands-on, shopping experience with more freedom to compare products in person.

  • Viewing items in person: When in store shoppers are able to view products and product ranges in person, as well as being able to try before you buy. For many, this is an important part of shopping with 70 percent of shoppers wanting to touch and feel the product.

To keep the in-store experience enticing for consumers, retailers are experimenting with existing store layouts to respond to the challenges that direct brand manufacturer shopping create.




We worked with Superdry on their Manchester and Liverpool concept stores to create a number of new display techniques designed to engage customers. ‘The Cage’, for example, was created using an exterior mesh panel system with retail display elements and shelves mounted directly on the mesh. The result was an engaging store design element that provided a more intimate shopping experience. This was achieved through ‘The Cage’ being partially sheltered from the rest of the store but still visible through the mesh panelling.  




Working with shoe manufacturer, Clarks, we helped launch their new retail concept showroom in London’s Russell Square alongside IDX and Stiff & Trevillion. By creating shelving systems that allowed the retailer to display shoes on single shelves, we developed a minimalistic, fully changeable display, that can be changed for different products and store layouts. The modular nature of the design meant shelves can easily be swapped and change all whilst creating a central space.

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