Standing out from the crowd in retail design is a constant challenge. As such, understanding how brands communicate with their customers in the most engaging way, and delivering a creative solution that does just that, is more important than ever.

But, while captivating concepts are necessary to connect retailers to shoppers, without a deeper understanding of the manufacturing process, retail design agencies could be missing a trick.

Today, most design agencies work collaboratively with retailers; often positioning themselves as a virtual extension of their clients' businesses. But could retail design agencies deliver even better results for brands if they extended this ethos of collaboration and engaged a manufacturer early on in the process?

In a word, yes. 


Retail design manufacturing

In the world of retail design, manufacturers are often only brought into the process at a later stage of development. 

But, bringing a manufacturer in at the concept stage delivers a range of compelling benefits to a retail design agency’s offering. Benefits such as:

  • The sharing of expertise and ideas; including material and technical suggestions that may not otherwise have been considered
  • The ability to identify any snags in the design early on; eliminating any delays in production and unforeseen costs
  • The ability to cost-engineer the final solution; making savings for the retailer.

In short, by inviting an experienced retail manufacturer into the process at the start, design agencies are more likely to realise their original design intention, while delivering on time and in budget.


Collaboration in action

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon OBE, is a renowned British designer. His impressive client list includes The Royal Academy and Jamie Oliver, and his works have been acquired by museums across the globe.

“The company’s open attitude towards collaboration, and commitment to incorporating innovative engineering and lighting in their systems, encourages us to continue working with them whether in Milan, New York, or at our London Base”.

Tom Dixon

Royal Academy in collaboration with Tom Dixon

With a long-standing partnership with Unibox, our proactive and collaborative approach has given the designers at Tom Dixon the freedom to create engaging, innovative retail designs, without worrying about the restrictions of the manufacturing process. What’s more, our work with Tom Dixon highlights our ability to design and manufacture specially commissioned retail display solutions. Something that has allowed us to create many complex, technically exacting pieces of display engineering for some of the world’s most respected retail brands. 

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Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger’s new store design concept involved a ‘Forest’ of Illuminated Shelves’ as a merchandising platforms for its shoes and handbags. Variations in light level were central to bringing this concept to life. Advising and collaborating with Kurt Geiger’s in-house retail design team, and facing some difficult technical challenges, this project saw Unibox bring all of our specialities and advanced machinery together to create a complete and bespoke solution not based on any of our standard products.

“Unibox are a fantastic company to work with. Their technical design development capabilities are invaluable, enabling them to translate basic design briefs into something truly great.”

Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger In-House Development

Impressively, we dealt with this project, from initial concept all the way through to production in less than six weeks.

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Located on one of Madrid’s busiest shopping streets, Primark's glitzy flagship store, situated on the bustling Gran Via, transforms the traditional shopping experience. Merging historic architecture and contemporary design, this immersive space was the vision of brand and retail design agency Dalziel & Pow, who approached Unibox to help turn their concept designs into a reality.

Primark Dalziel & Pow Concept

With pioneering digital design and lighting that is both engaging and unexpected, together with Dalziel & Pow and the other partners on this project, Unibox has helped Primark to create the ultimate flagship experience.

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River Island

Launching a new concept store, River Island needed a retail space with built-in flexibility that would provide the ‘wow factor’ on a more regular basis. Working together with River Island and its external design agency on how best to realise this vision, this collaborative process saw Unibox involved from the start.

River Island Kontakt Development

However, rather than just creating what was specified, we worked together to develop the innovative, brand new ‘Kontakt’ shelving system. A system that provides flawless illumination, and which has since been rolled out across a number of River Island’s stores.

Find out more about Kontakt and our work with River Island


Why Unibox?

A UK manufacturer with expert engineering capabilities and cutting edge machinery on-site, our retail clients are never restricted by the limitations of a particular product.

Transforming creative concepts into a technical reality, our ability to manufacture to your exact specifications due to our specialist fabrication techniques and in-house design and agency experience delivers an almost limitless infrastructure of possibilities.

Collaborating with retailers and design agencies to create attractive, engaging retail displays and environments that sell products more effectively, to find out more about how we can help you, contact us today for an informal chat.