We have been manufacturing display cabinets and showcases for over 25 years working with clients such as Goldsmiths, Christopher Evans and F.Hinds to develop effective jewellery display cabinets and counters that catch the eye and showcase products to their highest quality. In this blog, we’ll run through the different elements that combine to create an effective jewellery display, from the type of cabinet, framework and integrated lighting.

How to create effective jewellery display cabinets & counters :

Types of jewellery display cabinets:

  • Tower display cabinets provide a large, uninterrupted space in which to display products. They’re perfect for businesses that will have varying requirements from their displays over different seasons, promotions and stock levels. For example, each shelf provides the opportunity to display single products in isolation, to draw the focus in on these key items with the help of spot lighting. In contrast, integrated lighting within the display itself can illuminate multiple products per shelf, resulting in more chances to upsell/cross-sell.

  • Counter displays are great for branding - infill panels provide the perfect canvas for logos, images and slogans. They are easy to update in line with new product collections and the shape of the displays allow for more choice when it comes to product layout and lighting. Often within jewellery stores, a whole counter display is dedicated to a single group or category of products, such as a single brand, or, for example, a sole ‘watch’ display. This allows organisation within a store and makes it easier for customers and retailers to locate products/stock.


However, each type of display shouldn’t be used in isolation, and often a mix of both are apparent in retail stores.

Within jewellers, both tower display cabinets and counter displays are used throughout stores to engage with consumers and display products across different levels and styles. These are designed to complement the often-integrated wall displays that surround a retail store, with a counter display in the middle, and well lit tower displays at the corners of the counters. This tower displays draw consumers further into the store to view the products on display within the central counters.  

Design styles

  • Depth of aluminium/frame: The difference in frame thicknesses changes the overall aesthetics of the display, with thinner frames giving a minimalist feel combined with more glass - giving more attention to the products on display. Thicker frames give a more chunky finish to the display, which provides a designer finish to the cabinet, providing an extra branding opportunity and creates focus on both the products and the cabinet as a whole.

  • Different finishes: The finishes available through powder coating and new transfer innovations means retailers have more choice than ever when it comes to branding their display. Cabinets and counters no longer have to be manufactured with a satin silver or specific set of RAL colours - you can apply wood, chrome, marble, and pretty much any custom finish you can think of!

  • Full glass displays: Often used in luxury retail where minimalism is key, full glass displays offer the slimmest of frameworks - usually from 25mm in depth, and include custom finishes to fit into the store environment.

  • Displays within infill panels: These displays provide practicality for use in retail. The infill panels can provide storage for stock, conceal lighting or display branding.

How do Jewellery cabinets secure items?

Jewellery cabinets contain valuable items, so it’s important that the cabinets contain a secure locking system. There main type of locking systems found on display cabinets is a secure lock and key mechanism.

Alongside the locking system, the type of glass used on a display cabinet is important too. There are different types of security glass used to keep products safe, whilst displaying them to a high quality, these include:

  • Laminated - Laminates two panels of glass together using a plastic interlayer.

  • Security glass - Two sections of glass with a tough interlayer which withstands impact.


Adding lighting to cabinets & showcases is often overlooked, with high quality products and merchandise displayed in elegant cases, but lighting retrofitted to simply add a shine to displays.

Helping you and your products be displayed as prominently as possible, Unibox specialise in the manufacture of display cabinet lighting solutions that both catch the eye, and illuminate products to the highest quality.

Featuring a wide range of designs, from single product spotlights to full cabinet illumination, each application is manufactured with the customer in mind - custom colour temperatures allow every product to look its best, combined with elegant finishes that ensure lighting adds a design element to the cabinet itself.

See our full range of retail glass display cabinets, cases and counters here, or contact us for more information.

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