Signage is everywhere in stores, both interior and exterior signage helps make a brand and the products it sells recognisable to its existing and potential customers. There are a number of different styles of signage used in retail environments, but the main objectives of them all is to drive traffic, increase sales and communicate with consumers. 

How can signage help store layout and customer flow?

Why is signage important in a store? 

Within retail, signs can be used for different purposes. From directional signage to promotional signage, both what the sign says and how it looks matters. Illuminated signs effectively catch the attention of consumers, but it's important for retailers to think about how they want their shoppers to feel, as lighting has a direct effect on consumer psychology. 

Lighting impacts how customers feel within a store, what they think of the products on display and ultimately whether or not a purchase is made. Warm toned lighting creates feelings of ambience and familiarity, bright lighting triggers a higher level of engagement among consumers and cool toned lighting creates feelings of space. 

Lighting can help attract shoppers to areas of interest or areas that are being focused on for promotions and new launches. As well as lighting, movement can also draw consumers in. It’s a human trait that movement catches the eye, so using animated displays such as digital screens or our patented animated LED lightbox - Kinetik can effectively make customers focus on the areas you want them to. 

Within retail spaces it's important to have a mixture of both warm, bright and cool toned lighting as well as animation to create an environment that works for a brand and displays their products to the highest quality. 

Types of signage and where they’re used 

Graphic displays such as LED lightboxes are used in stores to display seasonal promotions/products. Lightboxes can be used within product sections to show illuminated graphics of seasonal products currently on sale. The graphics that lightboxes display can also be changed, making them great for retail environments where seasonal/promotional changes happen often. 

Neon style displays such as Neonist are used to identify sections of stores and product ranges. The bright colours used within neon signs make them great for directional signage to help customers easily find the products they’re looking for. 

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