How are promotional stands evolving?

Promotional stands are an effective way to market your brand, and having a well designed, eye-catching promotional stand can increase sales, raise awareness and increase footfall.

There are many types of promotional stand on the market, often similar in what they offer to end clients in terms of versatility, or ease of use - usually in the form of traditional banner stands. However, there’s more to creating great promotional stands than a cost-effective, easy-to-use display. Whilst these are important elements, customers can get much more from promotional stands.



From colourful graphics to interactive elements promotional stands are a blank canvas from which businesses can design and create unique displays. Often companies are restricted to the footprint of current promotional stands, only incorporating standard elements without the ability to update the stand depending on new promotional material, branding, or products.

By looking for a custom display stand, or one that’s built by using a system capable of expansion, your long-term options of growing/changing your promotional stands greatly improve, and will also cost you less in the long run. This also allows you to integrate interactive elements such as social media and lighting can have a striking effect.



As well as being fully customisable promotional stands are also cost-effective. Elementsof the stands such as the graphic displays can often be redesigned to fit with upcoming promotions or new information without having to rebuy the stand as a whole. As mentioned above, it’s also more cost-effective to expand your promotional stands once you have the basis created.



Promotional stands can easily be transported to and from events and stores. Their portability teamed with their reusability means effective displays can be used at many events, exhibitions and in stores. This is enhanced with custom, system-based stands, as they can often be flat-packed, and transported easily.


Where can promotional stands be used?


Promotional stands can be used within retail stores to advertise upcoming products, trends or to make consumers aware of offers and competitions happening either in stores or online.

Retail promotional stands are great for getting consumers to interact with a brand. Whether through social channels or giving live product demos/samples. Providing consumers with a memorable experience will encourage them to come back to store.

Exhibitions & events

Promotional stands can be used at exhibitions and events to sell your brand to potential consumers. Exhibitions are often busy competitive places so having an exhibition stand that catches the eye is vital in getting passers-by to view your exhibition space and not someone else's.

Within these exhibition and event spaces, interactive elements provide passers-by with a chance to get a first-hand experience of what a brand is about. Incorporating creative lighting, colourful graphics and unique layouts can really help create a display that reflects on a brand's personality.


Directional promotional stores help consumers and passers-by move around spaces. Whether in retail stores and shopping centres or at events and exhibitions, they can give passers-by an awareness of your store/brand before they’ve reached its location.


Types of promotional stands

‘Banner’ Promotional Stands

Banner stands are great for creating a simple but high-quality display. They provide a striking and professional image for your brand and can be displayed either inside a store, establishment or at exhibitions and events. The limitation of banner stands is when it comes to reusing these long-term. As the graphics are fixed, it often means businesses just replace the entire display which can be costly. By using systems that incorporate Tension Fabric, you can cost-effectively change graphics without replacing the whole display system.

Pop-up - Metro stands

Pop-up displays consist of a metal frame from which graphic panels attach. They are great for both large and small scale exhibition displays as they can be linked together to create a custom layout. Our Metro system, in particular, offers a high-quality alternative to pop up stands. A high-quality alternative to pop-up stands, our flexible and robust magnetic portable exhibition stands & displays incorporate nine different pre-configured structures, magnetic graphics displays, and a range of colour-coded accessories. You can view these here.

Modular system stands

Modular system stands consist of interlocking components which can be easily assembled and disassembled. They are configurable to fit any size display area and are great for use at multiple events as they are fully reusable.


If you would like advice or more information on how to implement promotional stands, contact our team or view more on our website here.