This week's exhibition & event inspiration comes from Dalziel & Pow's high impact display in Parliament, Coca-Cola's complex bubble structure, and Enercon's conversion focused event space.


Dalziel & Pow

Exhibition Stands

Dalziel & Pow have designed an exhibition in the Houses of Parliament, supporting the Newline Charity. The design of this space is particularly arresting because of the initially simple concept of displaying much-needed equipment for children by the charity, taped off by police-corden style strips. 

The message behind this stand is easily transmitted with the materials on display, which is testament to the design itself. Using this style of tape is particularly clever, as it’s viewed by the general public in very limited instances, wrapping the framework in this branded version clearly catches the eye.



Exhibition Stands

Coca-cola have created an experiential space that takes a very simple concept, that’s instantly recognisable and applies this concept to the whole space.

The centre-piece of this display is a seven meter wide, golden finished bar, with ‘bubbles’ rising from the centre. Using generative parameter c software, the bubbles were made out of more than five hundred translucent acrylic spheres that simulated the physical behaviour of sparkling bubbles. The visual effect of movement is enhanced by lightning system programmed to react on different events that the space will hold, such as concerts and sports games.



Exhibition Stands

Enercon represent what can be created when working with large-scale budgets, but although the space is huge, the company clearly have an objective, that is the focal point of the entire stand.

This objective is meeting space. Without sacrificing on design, Enercon have created a two-tier space that has meeting areas in abundance, whilst creating privacy that is much needed in a location like this. 

When combined with the overall look & feel of the stand, which is clean and instantly ties in with Enercon’s branding, this is a high impact, conversion driven exhibition space that we can all take a message from - to remain focused on our objective when exhibiting, and design around this.


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