This week we look at simple methods of catching the eye at a trade show or exhibition stand. 

Artica (Retail Design Blog)

Exhibition Stand Inspiration

The first stand design we looked at bridges our retail & exhibition worlds, focusing on Retail Design Blog’s (Artica) exhibition stand at Euroshop. Artica used a minimal stand design, with natural finishes & colours adopted on the stand, however the display along the main concourse caught our eye.

A simple visual trick - each beam of wood used to create a canopy over and around the stand had some paint applied to read ‘Because We Love Retail’, with ‘Retail Design Blog’ on the reverse. Whilst this kind of design has been applied many times over in different situations, in this particular instance the display takes advantage of people walking along the exterior of the stand, with the text catching the eye of the visitor, they instinctively result in looking through the gaps in the wooden beams at the stand. 

This approach would work brilliantly for a company selling products, as well as developing a conversation for companies promoting services, such as Artica themselves.


Our next example is a little more complex than Artica’s use of ‘hidden text’, but incredibly effective. Tetro, who in their own words are ‘a factory for imaginative creativity’, developed a lighting display for the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore.

The lighting display used linear lighting bars, each of which were controlled via touch controls at the beginning of the arch display. Programming of lighting in this way isn’t out of reach for exhibitors, with many pre-configured solutions out there, however this example highlights how an effective display that naturally creates engagement results in a space that doesn’t need any excessive styling, as the lighting itself does all of the work.

An added benefit of this type of display, is that due to the nature of the different angles people can see it at, they take photos/videos and share it via social media - which if combined with a highly visible username or hashtag, could create extra visibility for the brand.   


Hooked Up

Exhibition Stand Inspiration

Finally, the design of each lighting element is what really stands out in the ‘Hooked Up’ exhibition space by Dean Skira. What we particularly like about this project is how the structure itself has been segmented into different elements, which allows the light from the opposite side to extend past the display itself.

The visual effect of the light protruding from the stand at different heights creates interest outside of the display itself (or the products that would be on show, for example). Again, this is a highly engaging technique of exhibition stand design that isn’t difficult to recreate.


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