This week's Exhibition Stand Design Blog focuses on Hello Wood's integrated lighting installation, Palmberg's office-concept exhibition space, and Pianegonda's illuminated stand.

Hello Wood

We love the concept behind Hello Wood’s installation in Budapest. “Tunnel through time”  is Hello Wood‘s installation commemorating the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary, freedom fight and the Hungarian emigration to Canada.

What’s special about this is that the concept begins with a hole in the middle of the Hungarian flag, which transforms into the Canadian Maple Leaf as the display progresses. In terms of the effect this creates, it’s at night where this project truly shines. Because of the nature of the display, with space between each wooden panel, when it’s illuminates at night the light shines through to create a hotspot surrounding the display.



Our creative team headed to Orgatec in Cologne last week, and one of the most inspirational spaces they came across was created by Palmberg. They created a variety of different zones within their space, but allowed each variation to convey their expertise in the office interiors market by subtly styling each one with an office theme. This included the cafe area, that had a reception-style counter area and modular seating space directly in front of it.

Palmberg also used perforated screens to adorn the exterior of the space, with enough privacy for seating spaces to feel secluded, but enough visibility to prompt passers-by to visit the stand.



We love the contrast that Pianegonda create in their stand at the VIcenzaOro exhibition, by using a matte & gloss black lower section before illuminating the entirety of the area above head height, which ensures any visitors in the surrounding area will notice the glow of light and clear branding at over 4metres in the air.

Within the stand it’s much the same story, with a subdued black interior combined with illuminated back panels highlighting product areas.


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