This week we look at Ippolito-Fleitz Group's controversial take on Office Interior design, Adidas Originals' monumental Dubai pop-up, and Estúdio Jacarandá cartoon-based stand.

Adidas Originals

Exhibition Stands

Adidas Originals have created a pop-up like only Adidas could - spanning three floors in the centre of Sole DXB in Dubai. The structure itself transforms throughout the day, which is an interesting concept for exhibitors.

During daylight the multi-faceted exterior is enough to encourage visitors because of the shape & clear branding, however when it becomes darker, small gaps are illuminated in the external panels, which creates a highly visible space.


Ippolito Fleitz RE WORK Concept

The Ippolito Fleitz group created a controversial space at Orgatec 2016, which is traditionally known to be an office interiors trade fair, by challenging the concept of the ‘office’.

Presenting thought provoking pieces throughout the space, visitors were questioned as to what they expect from their office and whether this still makes sense. Ippolito Fleitz used messaging expertly throughout, with high impact wording both printed on the structure and hung from the ceiling via illuminated lightboxes, which was used as a directional signal for visitors.


Estúdio Jacarandá

We love this concept by Estúdio Jacarandá at the LATAM Retail Show, where they split their exhibition space into two elements, a concept pop-up and an interaction plaza.

Creating a 3-Dimensional cartoon-style experience results in an instantly memorable experience, whilst also providing the perfect platform to show how display products can improve store aesthetics.  In terms of signage, we love how the simple halo illumination surrounding the logo which is mounted above the stand create a clear focal point for visitors.


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