This week we’ve seen some great examples of how fabric graphics can be used in different applications in exhibition stands, that all serve a specific purpose: raising awareness. 

Exhibitions & trade shows naturally present the difficult challenge of standing out in a hall crowded with other companies trying to do exactly the same thing. As well as looking to improve displays at floor level, exhibitors are looking to increase visibility vertically - by adding high visibility signage that acts as both branding and a waypoint for visitors.

Here are some examples we’ve seen of displays that create brilliant brand awareness, utilising hanging fabric banners.


Square / 3D Hanging Displays

Hanging Banner Displays

This first example showcases how the banner itself can form the majority of the stand design, with the remaining space used minimally to create a meeting area. Utilising a lightweight frame, and 3D fabric graphics, the display has graphics covering 5 sides, providing complete visual coverage even when on the stand (usually using systems like this, the under-side of the display doesn’t contain a graphic). Using a system like this helps save on stand design costs, allowing the graphic to do the majority of the branding & awareness work.

Our second example shows a more subtle use of fabric display, with a narrower strip surrounding the stand space, used as higher level branding to entice people to the stand. Once visitors get there, screens and other displays are used to sell the products & services, but also having a ‘reception’ style desk makes them more approachable.

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Curved hanging banners

Curved Hanging Banners

A more simple, yet incredibly effective display method - circular hanging banners are perfect for smaller stand spaces, or for more crowded exhibitions where exhibitors are tightly packed together. Again using a tension fabric system, graphics are applied to a custom radius display that is hung from the ceiling.

As these systems are traditionally lightweight, due to the profile housing the graphics being simple & slim, the display is easy to put together and will comply with any restrictions exhibition halls may have on ceiling loading weights. Print technology has also progressed significantly, meaning the reverse of graphics doesn’t need to be seen on the inside of the banner, using blackout graphics - or you can use a double sided variation to create two different graphic treatments, without adding a significant amount of weight to the display.

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Illuminated Displays

Lightbox Graphics Exhibitions

Bayer have used three illuminated lightbox displays to frame their exhibition stand, creating an open feel whilst providing highly visible signage that utilises Bayer’s branding and is an additional lighting source. We used LED Lightboxes to similar effect at the Retail Design Expo in 2015, that created a column at either end of the exhibition space whilst informing passers by of our products.

Used horizontally, lightboxes attract more attention due to the majority of ceiling hung displays being non-illuminated, which when combined with custom printed graphics on both horizontal and vertical displays, creates a highly visible stand.

LED Lightboxes are perfect awareness raising displays, especially when used at on a large scale. With interchangeable graphics, a huge benefit comes from reusing these displays for different shows, or promoting different products. 

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