This week our focus is on exhibition stands that are designed to sell. Alongside brand awareness, selling is one of the two core elements businesses have a presence at a trade show, and we’ve seen different approaches taken when trying to achieve this objective. As a side note - we’ll take it for granted that each of these stands had a top botch business development/sales team on hand to capture those engaged leads…


Lapalma Exhibition Stand

One of the more contemporary stand designs we’ve come across, sees Lapalma's modular furniture applied to mock-ups of different scenarios, to showcase its versatility. There are subtle dividers between each section, which have been individually styled to portray various areas of an office - from receptions to meeting spaces.

This approach takes the soft-sell route, allowing visitors to discover how Lapalma’s products can apply to their requirements. However, by creating these specific environments within an exhibition stand, Lapalma are cleverly connecting the dots for a visitor - allowing them to see the exact problem their product solves in a familiar setting.

Recreating the environment the product will be used in requires less effort from the visitor, who may already have been bombarded with information throughout the day. Also by minimising the structure between each section, Lapalma create a fluid exhibition stand, prompting the visitor to travel through different sections, raising awareness of other products that may be of interest.  

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Exhibition Stand

British designer Tom Dixon is renowned for complex exhibition stand design, with sprawling environments created with multiple elements all centred around their latest collections. In this instance, we see a more direct approach taken, designed to maximise visibility of every product on display.

It’s the norm for designers to build at least one wall into an exhibition stand, mainly for branding purposes, but this stand lets the products do the talking, with a solitary logo printing on the floor. This approach is a brilliant example of letting visitors get to grips with products, but also allowing passers-by to see everything on display, meaning exposure to more visitors which potentially results in a higher number of sales post-show.


Vitra Exhibition Stand

Vitra, furniture & retail specialists have created seating areas throughout their stand using their own products. This is one of the most simple, yet highly effective displays a company can create, allowing visitors to experience the product without any pressure.

Targeting high-end retailers and roll-out level clients, assuming the exhibition itself attracts the target audience Vitra is looking for, this exposes the visitor to products perfectly, setting up a discussion upon entering/leaving the seating area.


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