In the retail world, we’ve seen the rise of authentic design, which focuses on the use of natural materials to create an ‘honest’, relatable environment. Whilst the same principle has been applied to exhibition & event design before, it’s not something you’re guaranteed to see at every trade fair as exhibitors tend to favour lighting and other high visibility elements to capture attention. This post is designed to show how the application of wooden finishes, a mainstay of authentic design, can work as an effective eye-catcher.



Exhibition Wood Finish Displays

The most straightforward application of wood is to use a ‘framing’ principle, using the finish to surround your stand or product that creates a difference in textures, catching the eye.

The first example is a small-scale use of a wood finish without a backdrop behind, integrated into the side panel of an exhibition stand. This is a clever isolated use, especially considering the concrete finish that the display has been integrated into. 

The same concept is applied to our second example, which integrated a wood finish on a larger scale surrounding the stand. This method frames the stand, and provides the visitor with a focus point towards the inside of the stand, meaning visitors are more likely to approach the stand or engage with the artwork on display.



Exhibition Wood Finish Displays

Wood, in isolation, is rarely used as a design feature in a method more than full sheet panels. This is a truly inspiration stand design using sections of pallet-style wood panels, mounted onto the white exterior of the stand itself. 

Each direction of wooden panel has been carefully designed to accommodate for the logo and graphic treatments throughout the display, especially on the larger elements of the stand walls. However in contrast, the finish provides a brilliant concept for the smaller panels, designed to create some privacy in seated areas.

This design shows that integrating wood finishes onto displays doesn’t need to be overly complex, and can be simply applied onto pre-existing structures.



Exhibition Wood Finish Displays

A more direct route to approach utilising wood finishes, Pallets are the definition of authentic design, which are again becoming more prominent in exhibition design.

To highlight what’s possible using Pallets, we’ve seen a concept which applies a solid colour to the top of the pallet, to tie in with branding or the products displayed. This results in a more premium finish to the pallet, combining the original authentic element of the finish, with a higher quality treatment that produces a contemporary display. 

Our final example showcases how pallets can be used to create a structure, rather than being stacked for product display. Although we’re sure this is mounted to a more stable backdrop (we hope!), the pallets protrude from the display, creating a multi-depth display, which when combined with screens & graphic displays makes a bright, spacious exhibition space.