This week's Exhibition & Event Inspiration features Panerai's modular structures & illuminated backwall, Alberto Rey and Tipi Studio's simplistic yet authentic pop-up space, and AEPioneer's incredible lighting installation.

Panerai Installation

Need have created one of the most inspirational exhibition spaces we’ve seen. Five individual structures seemingly overlap to create space that have an heir of privacy, but allow enough visibility to intrigue visitors.

The use of slim gauge framework is one we haven’t seen before, with each ‘circle’ comprising of multiple stepped panels that create the illusion of a circle, whilst the angled beams allow each area to have its own aesthetic. 

What truly makes this installation special is the large curved Lightbox that surrounds the exterior of the space, which directs light through the structures, creating a visually stunning effect.


Alberto Rey and Tipi Studio

We love the simplistic approach to the interior of this pop-up space. Using seemingly untreated wooden panels, Alberto Rey and Tipi Studio create an authentic feeling space, which because of the light wood grain, allows the colour of products to stand out.

This treatment has been applied throughout, with meeting tables and benches created with the same textures, with the exception of the angled clothing display operated by a clever rope system.


AEPioneer Light Tunnel Installation

AEPioneer’s Light Tunnel installation showcases how the simplest of ideas can create amazing structures that organically gather footfall & attention. Using a simple arch structure, the 80m distance is covered in 13,000 bulbs.

The natural arch of the bulbs creates a stunning effect when inside the structure, with more concentrated light around the framework. With programmable lighting, these could be used to show anything from colours, to logos & animated graphics.

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