Over the next two weeks, we’ll look at two of the most prominent objectives when deciding to exhibit at a trade show: generating brand awareness, and increasing sales. 

This week, we’re looking into the first objective, brand awareness. Exhibitions provide a unique touchpoint for businesses to create an emotional link with the visitor, and by designing a memorable stand or experience, these visitors are more likely to remember a business after the event itself. This is especially important for businesses that aren’t consumer facing, who don’t get the chance to demonstrate the values of their brand in any other form than a website. 

This approach usually culminates in a space-only stand design, featuring a bespoke layout that the exhibitor creates specifically to engage their target audience. One of the key elements of this type of stand design is visibility. It’s key that the visual appearance of a stand does the job of a business development team, generating interest in the stand and enticing visitors to look for more information. This can be done in a variety of ways, both by exploiting the space above your stand for displays that are visible from the other side of the exhibition hall, as well as by standing out as visitors walk down hall concourses.  



Reggiani Brand Launch Event

Reggiani launched their new brand earlier this year, with renowned design agency Dalziel & Pow creating the perfect platform for their first exhibition stand. The use of illuminated signage mounted onto the top of their stand space ensured the new logo was visible from all areas, with brand colours used subtly in the archways of each entrance to the stand. 

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Perspex Trade Show Stand Display

Perspex took a similar approach when creating their exhibition stand, using their own products to design a brilliantly complex display. Taking advantage of the height available, a clear brand message is applied, with the company’s logo taking full focus. Once visitors have approached the stand, Perspex use acrylic sheets machined to form different numbers to differentiate their offering. We love how they used lighting in moderation, which drew attention to important elements of the stand i.e. an enquiry desk, branding and product demos, in addition to how displays have been created both vertically and horizontally, adding an extra level of depth to the stand.

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G-Star B&&B Trend Event

G-Star Event Display

Finally, G Star chose Bread & Butter to create an unforgettable experience for a retail brand, using a range of natural materials to complement their latest collection. With this being a launch of new products, without these products actually being on sale, G Star had to create an experience that seamlessly translated to retail stores once visitors had left the show. Using materials that are ever-present in G Star stores worldwide, such as unfinished concrete, bright white lighting, and cold metalwork,  visitors were able to make the comparison between product areas and experiential zones, such as the outdoor timeline.

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