This week we look at O/M’s approach to creating custom areas for each of their products, BMW’s brilliant event featuring integrated ‘speed’ lighting and Bjarke Ingels’ maze concept.


O/M Lighting Display

Exhibition Stand Design

O/M took a fresh approach to exhibition design, allowing their products to shape how the stand was built, which resulted in ‘structural volumes’ around particular lighting products.

Each of these structural volumes were custom-built to perfectly demonstrate the capability of O/M’s lighting products, but also cleverly focused each light source around a target destination, for example: aiming light towards product descriptions. 

The creation of individual spaces for each product/application results in a space that both informs the user throughout their journey, and encourages them to keep exploring, with interesting displays in every structure.


BMW 'Speed' effect display

Exhibition Stand Design

BMW’s latest event creates a museum space in Beijing, which two creative applications of exhibition design.

Firstly, BMW have provided a cultural cue to the Chinese market by integrating a raft of adjustable ceiling fabrics, designed to look like typical Chinese architectural gates. Placed at the entrance of the space, this is a fresh take on contextual design and is sure to make a great welcome to visitors.

The more innovative feature we love in this event space, is the introduction of linear lighting throughout, mixed with high-shine surfaces to create a visual cue to speed. Initially noticeable on the plinths for literature/meeting points, the horizontal illuminated strips are also present on walls and back-panels of the display, which when seen in the glass floor surface and reflective ceiling tiles surrounding the car displays, creates a holistic sense of speed & lights passing.


Bjarke Ingels Maze Concept

Exhibition Stand Design

The Bjarke Ingels Group created a brilliant exhibition space at the National Building Museum in Washington, which strays from the traditional event space theme into experiential design.

Taking over the central reservation of the building, architecture firm BIG remodelled how we perceive a maze, from an enclosed path to a journey that reveals itself as you travel towards the centre. Creating a structure like this creates a focal point of events & exhibition spaces, and while not directly branded, the amount of word of mouth and social sharing exposes the structure itself as well as the brand that created it in a much more organic way than usual at events. 


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