This week's exhibition design inspiration comes from Nike's simple (yet brilliant) neon-clad exhibition stands, The V&A's foil-based dynamic display, and Patternity's unusual installation at London Design Week.


Exhibition Stands Nike

Nike’s design team have once again created a brilliantly simple exhibition space, that perfectly highlights their exhibits. Taking a simple matte white framework, combined with a solid black background, each display is already framed well. 

In addition to this, a mess style backing has been applied to create a different texture around each item, which is brilliantly surrounding in vertical strips of neon lighting. Using this type of lighting is a master-stroke, as the glow carries through to the floor as well as the black surrounds, creating individual pockets of light for each display.


The V&A Foil Installation

Exhibition Stands VA

The V&A’s medieval tapestries have had a new texture transmitted to them, through the installation of 50,000 foil triangles as part of Benjamin Hubert’s display. 

Using mechanical arms, the foil ripples smoothly, with the light that shines directly onto the foil from above being projected in brilliant patterns across the artwork.

This serves as a reminder that common materials can be used intelligently to add new, eye-catching dimensions to exhibition displays.



Exhibition Stands Patternity

Created as part of London Design Week, Patternity have created a graphic climbing wall for London’s Ace Hotel. A climbing wall isn’t something we thought we’d cover as part of an exhibition design blog, but the attraction has generated a lot of attention due to the new graphic design applied to relatively well-known piece of sports equipment.

We’re not sure how many of the visitors were ready to climb the wall itself, but this is an effortlessly cool way of creating a buzz around an exhibition space, and generating interaction in the form of participation & social sharing.


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