Exhibitions are a great way to promote your products and services, and to showcase your brand to a captive and targeted audience. However, there’s no denying that they’re also hard work. So, before investing your valuable time, money, energy, and resource, it’s vital to get the basics right to maximise your return on investment.

Before you book or buy anything, start by making sure you understand why you’re attending a particular event in the first place. And what you want it to achieve – be that generating footfall, raising brand awareness, or ultimately, increasing sales.

The top three goals for exhibitors at trade shows are brand awareness, lead generation, and relationship building. And the good news when it comes to ROI is that 75% of visitors to an exhibition are there to buy, or are planning to buy in the future. However, only by establishing your objectives up front, and measuring against these during and after your event, will you be able to assess the success of your exhibition presence.

Once you’ve established what you want to achieve, next figure out how you’re going to do this. In an increasingly competitive corporate world, attending an event simply because you always have done is just not good enough.

Today, there is a wealth of data available to help businesses make more informed decisions. Take the time to figure out which events have delivered for you in the past – and why. So what if all your competitors are attending the latest tradeshow? If it doesn’t make sense for you to exhibit why would you go?

Of course, even with a carefully thought-out strategy, your exhibition stand can let you down if it doesn’t align with your potential clients' needs, wants, and challenges. So, as well as establishing what it is you want to achieve, you should also take the time to figure out what it is attendees are likely to want from you. And what you can do to help meet their needs and expectations.


Two simple steps to a successful exhibition stand design

Grab their attention

With the majority of exhibitors still using pop-up stands and banner systems to display graphics at events and exhibitions, it pays to stand out from the crowd. Start by selecting a space that suits your budget and your audience and then maximise it. Grab attention by using signage, lighting, product displays, and graphics to stop people in their tracks.

To help you do this, consider using LED lightboxes to create striking illuminated exhibition displays that deliver maximum visual impact. With speed and ease of transport and install paramount to exhibitors, the latest models are simple to assemble, lightweight, and adaptable. What’s more, LED lightboxes can also be reconfigured and used time and time again, lowering the overall cost of exhibiting.

You should also consider using ceiling hung fabric graphics, including lightweight graphic displays that wrap around corners to create seamless cubes, helping you to create truly unique exhibition stands. Or even showcases and cabinets to create attractive, dynamic stands and spaces with an almost endless variety of finishes and configurations.

The truth is, while pop-up stands and banner systems have their place, they often blend into a sea of printed graphics, white vinyl, and displays, and that's the last thing any exhibitor wants.

Demonstrate your difference, while standing out from the crowd, by choosing one (or a combination) of the many more engaging forms of graphic displays available to you - delivering the elusive ‘wow’ factor and that all-important ROI.


exhibition stands

Get them talking

Of course, there is no point generating footfall to your exhibition stand, only to lose them at “hello”. As such, you need to provide attendees with a strong incentive to engage with your team once you’ve captured their attention.

When it comes to attracting visitors, it pays to think outside the box. Games, seating areas, food and drink, and innovative spaces can offer visitors a welcome retreat from other exhibitors — giving you the chance to strike up a conversation in a relaxed setting. Modular components can be used to create these breakout areas quickly and easily – time and time again.

As discussed, your stand must support your business aims. For example, if you are launching a new product, perhaps you could give people a prototype of the new product to preview? You could also augment your exhibition stand with interactive technology to engage visitors and support your wider strategic objectives.

And, don’t forget that the people you choose to represent you at exhibitions are also of paramount importance. So, make sure that every single member of your team knows why they’re there and what their particular role is.


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 With a wealth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities, at Unibox, we work with our exhibition clients to create displays that help generate footfall, raise brand awareness, and ultimately, increase sales.

Constructing beautifully engineered products that help businesses to achieve their wider goals, we’re reengineering the typical exhibition stand - creating ingenious displays that are dressed for success.