The doors have officially closed on the inaugural darc room exhibition, and what an exhibition it was!

Darc room brought lighting experts & manufacturers to the masses of designers that descent on the capital every year, for the London Design Festival.

With a long history in the integration of lighting into display, we brought our latest illumination innovations to the creative stage, showcasing how effectively lighting can combine with materials to create truly inspirational spaces.

On display was:

  • Lightboxes : our intention was to prove that light boxes can be incredibly effective outside of their standard graphic display application. With a huge range of customisation options available to lighting & interior designers in terms of profile depths, colours and LED specifications, light boxes provide an incredibly flexible solution for walls and features.
  • Luxplane : darc room saw the launch of our ceiling-mounted LED Lightbox, which creates uniform lighting across large distances, offering an alternative to the traditional downlighting setup that most designers are restricted by.
  • Neonist is our LED alternative to neon lighting, that features all of the impact of traditional neon without the fire risk! We’ve developed Neonist to enable it to be incorporated into a range of backpanels, (with our darc room display mounted onto mesh) from clear displays to industrial-themed metal plates.
  • Kontour is a source of embedded lighting in its truest form, comprising of an illuminated light guide plate integrated into a material of your choice, subtly illuminating lettering and branding.
  • Magnetik integrates literature and product display within an illuminated graphic, providing interiors with the combination of high impact graphics or material finishes, and promotional items.

You can learn more about our approach to lighting on our dedicated website: or get in touch with our lighting specialists on 0161 655 2100 / [email protected]