Experiential retail has been around for a while now. In truth, it was adopted by many retailers at the same time as concept stores came to the forefront of retail design, in response to the sharp and ever-growing eCommerce environment. 

Retailers realised that in order to engage their target audience when they’re not staring at a screen, a similarly dynamic store space needed to be created.

An experience that makes customers forget about their phone.

An experience that they’ll remember, increasing brand awareness.

This is why we’ve seen areas such as BOXPARK thrive. It’s also why websites like ‘Appear Here’ exist. Established retailers are looking to make a memorable experience that both engages customers and hits the headlines - whether that’s in magazines or on social media.

Store concepts that achieve this have turned to innovative digital signage solutions, such as our patented Kinetik Lightbox, using their dynamic nature to create movement and add context to their surroundings.

Digital Signage in Retail Environments

Retailers have done this in two ways - using digital signage for product display, and using it to add to the overall store experience. 

Product Display

The case for using digital signage within product promotions was researched by POPAI, and what they found was definitive.

  • 55% of customers are influenced by digital media in their purchase intentions

  • 72% of customers notice screens in a digital point of sale

  • 8 customers out of 10 remember products or brands seen on screens

We recently partnered with Samsung, Dalziel & Pow and The PLB Group to implement our patented Kinetik lightbox technology within their Selfridges concession. 

This was the perfect application of Kinetik, as Samsung were launching their new flagship smartphone, curved QLED TV, and the Gear camera. 

Awareness was key, and Kinetik delivers that incredibly effectively. By adding subtle animations to each of the graphic displays, the displays caught the attention of shoppers in an incredibly busy environment.

Similarly, our collaboration with Debenhams had the challenge of engaging people walking one of London’s busiest shopping destinations, Oxford Street. 

The result was the biggest Kinetik lightbox ever made, spanning a 20-metre window. This provided engaging scenery behind the visual merchandising team’s latest creations. 

However, adding an extra layer of visual appeal, we integrated our Magnetik product display into a Kinetik lightbox that was mounted onto a track system, meaning the VM team could position dynamic content wherever best suited their display.


Store Environment

In contrast, the store environment within experiential retail takes a less direct approach, but is equally important. 

Mitsubishi’s first foray into physical retail is the ideal example. Again, Dalziel & Pow were tasked with creating a concept that portrayed Mitsubishi’s brand values, at the same time as generating leads for the sales team to follow up on. Obviously, the sales process is elongated due to the size of the purchase, which means brand perception is all the more valuable. 

D&P’s vision stated: “Conceived as a tranquil ‘Innovation Sanctuary’, the store concept instills the calm and quiet of a hybrid vehicle, with subtle digital features enhancing the experience.”. 

A key element of those subtle digital features was the sky, and bringing the outdoors, indoors.

Using a ceiling-mounted variation of our patented Kinetik Lightbox, we brought rolling clouds to intu Lakeside, which completely enhanced Mitsubishi’s store environment.

We've also seen customers highlighting areas of their store to assist in wayfinding using digital signage.

We've had a long-standing relationship with Superdry, which has resulted in us helping the team launch a huge number of stores internationally. 

They came to us with the challenge of making cash desks more visible throughout their store environments, and Kinetik was the ideal solution.

Using a custom block-out fabric, which allowed the animated light effect to pass through certain areas of the lightbox, we illuminated a cityscape with twinkling lights and changing colours. Take a look below.


Improving customer experience, improving sales

We develop innovative illuminated signage solutions that help retailers drive sales (no pun intended, Mitsubishi…).

With a wealth of in-house experience, alongside some of the UK’s most advanced machinery, we’re perfectly placed to help creative teams produce stunning displays.

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