Despite increasing pressure when it comes to proving the value of events, too many exhibitors are still failing to integrate technology into their exhibition stand designs.

However, with more and more businesses looking to justify all spend when it comes to tradeshows and exhibitions, if you still haven’t caught on to the benefits of stand technology, then burrowing your head in the sand isn’t going to cut it for much longer.


Measuring the success of exhibition stands

Tracking the tangible success of an exhibition isn’t easy. Especially as it can be difficult to measure any increase in brand awareness. Likewise, many sales sparked at exhibitions and tradeshows are not made on the day. Even where companies are attempting to measure success, many continue to rely on internal systems, and, all too often these systems are not up to the job.

To keep ahead of the competition, status-quo planning is not an option, with engagement, analytics, data, and ROI becoming increasingly important.

The good news is that there is a plethora of technology available to help increase the amount of leads generated at exhibitions, without having to increase the size of your sales team. At the same time, tech can also be used to enhance the level of engagement with visitors at your stand, and to track these visitors with more accuracy for further engagement post-event. Crucially, by investing in exhibition stand technology, your sales team can focus on engaging with potential customers on the day – while the tech feeds all the relevant data back to your in-house teams to follow up.

So, what technology should you be using to increase engagement at your exhibition stands, and deliver that all important return?


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps give attendees access to real-time event information such as speakers, schedules, transport, etc., creating a better event experience for attendees and visitors alike. Integrated with social media platforms, apps also provide a shared experience and increased communication before, during, and after the event. Not to mention access to invaluable social analytics.

Some of the best event apps on the market also allow you to share information with potential customers for the purpose of lead generation, helping to boost not only your presence, but also your business, with actionable data that you can use for future exhibitions.


Badges and networking devices

Once upon a time badges took the form of a simple lanyard and plastic sleeve. However, the badge is no longer just about visual identification, and can be used to improve security, event planning, the measuring of attendance, and the tracking of delegates. However, as well as organisers, exhibitors can also benefit from advancements in badge technology.

Tools and apps can scan the badges of each visitor to your exhibition stand. With the ability to add notes, and other information to each scanned lead, they can be set to generate specific actions (such as sending a brochure).

Offering a fun and unique way to create new leads and business relationships, networking devices such as pokens also allow exhibition attendees to share their business information with a simple touch.


Digital touchpoints

Exhibition stands can also use technology to create touchpoints which send digital information (in a variety of formats) directly to potential customers.

Providing delegates with the information they need, without having to carry around heavy bags stuffed with company brochures, digital touchpoints help exhibitors to discover what type of information their potential customers want – and help them provide this in a sustainable and engaging manner. 


Augmented and virtual reality

A hot-tech topic, augmented and virtual reality is becoming increasingly accessible and is creeping into mainstream exhibitions.

Creating immersive visitor experiences, it’s a great way for brands to engage with potential customers. Even more compelling, it can also be set up to enable business to collect that vital visitor data at events.



Gamification technology such as leaderboards (e.g. the best networker) and incentives help to deliver a richer exhibition experience.

But it’s about much more than creating a fun and dynamic atmosphere. Helping businesses to meet their unique objectives, this intelligent technology can be incorporated into exhibition stand designs to encourage greater footfall, delegate engagement and the sharing of that all-important digital data.


Triggered tech

Location-based technology can be used to engage with potential customers at events, with GPS apps and beacons able to send bespoke offers and promotions to delegates on their smartphones, based on where they are.

Such technology can even be embedded within exhibition displays, with light, sound, videos and special effects helping to capture visitor attention when they walk past an exhibition stand.


Interactive displays

Interrupting the customer journey is crucial if you want to stand out at exhibitions.

Interactive screens, walls, and flooring can all be integrated into your exhibition stands to grab attention and connect with visitors in an immersive way.


How Unibox can help

At Unibox, we have a range of different products to help our clients integrate technology into their exhibition stands and increase engagement.

For example, we’re currently working to integrate iBeacons into out Kontakt illuminated shelving – creating a huge array of experiences from motion sensitive product lighting, to turning miniature projects that are invisibly mounted within the display on, when activated.

Also, presenting moving images combined with printed graphics, the patented Kinetik Video Lightbox gives exhibitors the freedom to create eye-catching displays. Somewhere between a lightbox and a large-format video screen, Kinetik can be used to promote products in dynamic fashion to attract visitor attention – without the cost of incorporating screens or LCD technology.

Where needed, we can also integrate third-party technology into our current exhibition stand systems, without compromising on design.

Only recently we engineered a transportable escape pod for design communications studio, Peter & Paul to transport shoppers and commuters through time and space in an instant - so that they can experience a variety of activities synonymous with the Peak District.


Take a look at our latest event and exhibition case studies to find out more about how we are creating engaging exhibition stands for our clients.