These are two stores that have received a lot of attention and coverage since they opened recently. I was able to visit both and wanted to compare aspects of the two side by side.



The two stores take very different approaches with their entrances, adidas has a striking purple promotion, while Nike takes a softer stance, combining plants with semi-transparent hanging banners.

Nike Adidas Retail Design

Product wall detail

Both brands use a grey wall panel, with a restrained stockloading and information panels by the product, allowing shoppers to absorb information easily.

Nike Adidas Retail Design


Product walls

Once again, both brands implement similar treatments here. Rails of product are broken up by lightboxes and graphic panels.

Nike Adidas Retail Design


Feature wall displays

Nike uses more technology throughout their store than adidas. However, adidas has designed some simply yet appealing displays.

Nike Adidas Retail Design


Feature walls

The urban palette of adidas is evident here, with an angled cast concrete wall, contrasted by Nike's animated wall behind metal mesh.

Nike Adidas Retail Design


Footwear features

adidas uses tear off paper information to great effect and Nike dresses a sneaker plinth with the gold buckles used on the product.

Nike Adidas Retail Design


Try before you buy

Both brands offer space to try products instore. adidas provides a running track,  Nike has a basketball court with hi-res digital screen.

Nike Adidas Retail Design


Visual merchandising

Both brands have dressed the spaces with VM detailing; truck tyres for Nike and retro seating for adidas.

Nike Adidas Retail Design



Both brands provide several layers of communication, with features and benefits emphasised by products, and broader messages throughout the stores.

Nike Adidas Retail Design


Wall art

As befits brands of fashionable ranges, both have created wall art to set a tone of voice.

Nike Adidas Retail Design



These two sporting giants have created a couple of fabulous stores in New York, creating visual impact and theatre, which is backed up by effective communication and product presentation.

For me, the adidas store stands out more, but that is because this 5th Avenue store is a huge leap forward from what they have done previously, whereas Nike has already set the bar high with their stores and Broadway continues this excellent standard.