We’ve worked with retailers, event companies and interior specialists across the globe to create illuminated displays (Lightboxes) that draw attention to products & areas. 

On the whole, these lightboxes are wall-mounted, freestanding or integrated into existing units.

However, lighting and interior designers have begun using light boxes in a different way - or a different plane to be more specific.

By using illuminated displays horizontally, ceiling lighting boxes are distributing light directly onto targeted areas of a store or interior. This is particularly effective when products or featured displays are grouped together, allowing the ceiling lighting box to create a brighter, attractive area that draws attention.

We looked into how designers are currently using ceiling light boxes, and the impact this has on their stores.

Ceiling Light Boxes

The Unlimited Company

Ceiling Lighting Boxes

The Unlimited Company have created a free-flowing space for their customers, mainly due to the way their visual merchandising team have categorised store areas, creating individual environments designed to add context to the customer experience.

Their use of ceiling lighting boxes is particularly effective because they’ve been implemented in small sections, with bright illumination. Used in isolation, these ceiling light boxes act as both a light source and a display, due to their appearance above each category/area, it provides a method of way finding for the customer.

River Island

Ceiling Lighting Boxes

River Island has used ceiling lighting boxes in a different, more retail-focused manner. In retail, where stock levels are high, creating visibility around product sections can be a challenge, and River Island has used ceiling light boxes to provide an entrance to their store areas.

What makes this application particularly effective is the archway effect that’s been created, with mitre cut light boxes joining around the entrance to the childrenswear area of River Island. This also shows that ceiling lighting boxes can be used for more than just architectural/lighting purposes, graphics can be applied as they are in vertical light boxes to provide extra branding opportunities.

Electric Vehicle Experience

Ceiling Lighting Boxes

The UK’s first Electric Vehicle Experience Centre opened in centre:mk, with a stunning retail design that uses authentic materials, such as stone and tree displays, in an effort to bring the outdoors - indoors.

Their use of ceiling lighting boxes is incredibly effective, particularly because it blends so well into the overall design of the space. The ceiling light boxes span the entire length of the space, split into two strips. With light cascading down from the light boxes mounted to the ceiling, the designers have added an extra gloss-finished white strip which the cars sit on, reflecting the light and creating a homogeneous glow around each display.

We’re experts in creating illuminated displays for retail, events and interior spaces, with in-house Lighting design and manufacturing capabilities. 

You can learn more about our LED Lightboxes here or feel free to get in touch with our technical team for advice on how to implement any type of illuminated display.