There are 1.3 million business events held in the UK every year and over 85 million event attendees. In such a booming market space, it’s no wonder that grabbing the attention of potential customers can prove to be tricky.

Today’s buyers are bombarded with advertisements, and, in response, they have become accustomed to tuning out the vast number of sales messages they receive every day.

It’s the same with run-of-the-mill exhibition stands.

So, what can you do to ensure your exhibition display makes an impact, and that your business gets the footfall necessary to boost sales and make your tradeshow presence worthwhile?

The unfortunate truth is that for the most part, exhibition stands and displays have become predictable. All too often there is very little to distinguish between exhibitors when it comes to structure, lighting, and signage - resulting in decreased visitor engagement.

However, with the need to demonstrate return-on-investment across marketing activity more important than ever, it’s vital that event organisers don’t rest on their laurels when looking to capture attention and draw visitors in.


Interrupting attendees at exhibitions and tradeshows

Ultimately, exhibitions are a high-pressure sales environment, so to make the most of your stands, it doesn't hurt to learn a trick or two from retailers.

Taking the consumer experience to a whole new level, leading retailers are now using inventive tech and lighting to intrigue and engage.

Consider Dannon Yogurt for example. With a triggered billboard campaign, Dannon uses brand messaging to appeal to its target audience in a fun and humorous way based on real-time traffic data; with drivers seeing one of four different ads, depending on the current level of congestion.

Trade Show Stands - Danone

Likewise, deliberately interrupting the customer journey, when River Island launched its new ‘flagship’ concept store at the Bullring in Birmingham, light boxes, canvasses, statement displays, and lighting were used to create that all important ‘wow’ factor and evoke the feeling of an art gallery.

River Island Lightbox Displays

Using intelligent technology and displays to force shoppers to stop and think, such retailers are now positioning themselves above the competition, encouraging deeper levels of engagement. 

And it’s not just retailers getting into the act. Last year, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home launched a new form of digital advertising in which a dog on a billboard appeared to follow shoppers as they walked past. The billboards were activated by a tag attached to a leaflet which was handed to pedestrians in a busy shopping centre.

While there is no reason why such technology can’t be used at exhibitions, many businesses are understandably concerned about the costs of this approach. However, updating exhibition stands with new and interactive technology doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Using interactive technology and lighting to capture attention and draw visitors to your exhibition stand

To promote your displays in a dynamic fashion to attract visitor attention, consider using lighting to change the look of your exhibition space completely throughout the day. LED lightboxes and programmable LEDs can be employed to change colour, or even animate, when someone is nearby.

You can also ensure that your exhibition spaces stand out from the crowd with Kinetik, our latest animated lightbox solution. Somewhere between a lightbox and a large-format video screen, the Kinetik video lightbox augments a tension graphic system with RGB LEDs, allowing a high resolution printed graphic to be combined with dynamic animation or variable colour backlighting. Giving you the freedom to create eye-catching displays, strategically positioned at your exhibition spaces, Kinetik can be used both subtly and to dramatic effect.

Whether it’s the expense of a new display that is putting you off,  or your exhibition stand hire company simply doesn’t have the stock necessary to incorporate such technology – at Unibox we believe it’s time exhibitors were made aware of the small changes that can be implemented to improve their fortunes at exhibitions.


Make technology a part of your exhibition stand design

Whether you want to create a new exhibition stand with integral technology, or you want to give your current stands a boost, we have everything you need to maximise impact and engagement.

With a wealth of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities, at Unibox, we’re reengineering the typical exhibition stand; creating ingenious displays that are dressed for success.

Find out more about how technology can be used to make your exhibition stand more successful here.