The US retail industry offers a huge opportunity for businesses, with the likes of Arcadia, SuperDry and Primark expanding their presence in the US market recently.

Contrary to what might be expected, the majority of sales still occur in brick and mortar stores compared to e-commerce, with just 7.1% of the $4.785 trillion spent online.

However, the regulations surrounding retail display in the US are different to that of the UK, with retailers requiring NRTL (Nationally Registered test Laboratory) certification before accepting any display equipment within their store.

Working with global clients has resulted in our development of UL-certified LED Lightboxes, manufactured in a UL registered facility based in the UK using components listed under the sign systems UL program.

This makes Unibox the only retail display manufacturer in the UK that can offer UL Certified LED Lightboxes, listed componentry, in-house design and technical capabilities.

In addition, Unibox USA, a team of specialists based in New York, also offer US-based manufacture of UL Certified LED Lightboxes.

UL Certified LED Lightboxes

We’re passionate about manufacturing high quality LED Lightboxes as standard, and are incredibly proud to offer this certification to companies looking to use our displays overseas.

We closely control the manufacture of every element within our Lightboxes, ensuring critical considerations such as heat dissipation, flux binning, colour temperature and much more are managed effectively, resulting in a display that creates maximum visual impact whilst providing longevity and high performance.

Our lightboxes can be made with a variety of LED light engines, whether that be utilising a standard flexible PCB or a custom designed rigid PCB, our experts are on hand to talk you through the optimum solution.

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