LED Light Panels

A slim panel luminaire, designed to emit uniform light across the entire face.

The Unibox light panel is a robust luminaire used for a variety of applications including: back-lighting for displays and graphics, illuminating surfaces for design and architectural features, shelf lighting for retail, and recessed lighting. 

This product was designed and developed by our in-house lighting designers and electrical engineers, to be the brightest light panel with the most even light distribution possible. 

CNC laser machining and engraving ensures absolute precision and uniformity. Whilst our high quality LED modules provide ultra-bright light output. 

The entire luminaire comes completely assembled, as a plug-and-play component, ready to be installed into a lighting application. We have a range of thicknesses: 10mm, 8mm, 6mm so no matter what the application is, we have a Light Panel to suit. 

All of our light panels are designed, tested, manufactured and assembled in the UK and come with a 3-year warranty, for complete peace of mind. 

“We believe that a well-engineered product need not cost more to make than a badly engineered product. Good engineering and quality manufacturing underpin our business philosophy of delivering value to our clients. 
Nick Wraith, MD

Why specify Unibox Light Panels?

The Light Panel fits into very slim apertures, illuminating surfaces without the need for bulky frames to house the light source. 

It provides uniform illumination even in the most restrictive of applications, meaning your display will look beautiful and professional. 

The Unibox Light Panel has been developed with installation in mind, making it the easiest of its kind to fit into any design. Features such as: utilising the Weiland Gesis Micro muti-way connector system, an ultra-strong strain relief design and no protruding cable grommet make our Light Panel very easy to handle and install. 

We have developed our product to be the highest efficacy possible, due to a combination of LED module specification and our propriety machining process. Ensuring a bright display whilst using less energy and costs. 

We make our light panels at our factory in the UK using state of the art CNC laser machinery guaranteeing millimetre precision and perfect sizing. Made to a British standard we can provide quick delivery and give you the confidence of buying a quality reliable product. 

Being the manufacturers means we can produce bespoke sizes and shapes without affecting lead-times. 


Graphical display and signage

Retail Shelf Lighting

Architectural Lighting Features

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