LED Light Engines

Integrated into every lighting solution Unibox manufacture, LED light engines provide high quality illumination, longevity and energy efficiency

Core to every light-integrated solution Unibox creates, is the Modular LED Light Engine range. These are a vast portfolio of in-house designed printed circuit boards, combined with diodes to provide market leading linear luminaire and retail display systems.

From ECO to High Density, the LED light engine range covers a wide scope of applications, from retailers looking to meet low power initiatives, to exhibitors looking for the highest impact solution available to maximise interest.

Technical Information

The LED Light engine range begins with the Eco, which is an extremely energy efficient 3 LED board, which can be specified with up to 9 LEDs to provide a brighter light output whilst retaining the energy efficient properties the PCB provides.

The High Density elements of the LED Light Engine range are integrated into LED Panels and graphic display solutions, as they are best implemented within solutions that need edge-lighting (particularly edge-lit panels and lightbox range).  

Twin Peaks is the latest development in the range, created via a custom board that houses both 3000K & 4000K colour temperature diodes, for the display of gold and silver in the same display cabinets. Designed directly to tackle a long-standing issue in the jewellery display market, this has been utilised by retailers such as John Lewis, providing a new level of freedom to product displays.  

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