Flexible LED Solutions

LED Lighting for a variety of applications, from point of sale displays to accent and walkway lighting.

Flexible LED tape is one of the most streamlined and cost effective LED sources currently available, it is a fantastic product that is being used more and more from small scale pieces to large commercial applications. Flexible tape is also ideally suited for use with our Mira aluminium profile.

The tape itself when switched on can be touched as it generates very little heat; even after a long continuous use it will still stay cool to the touch. This makes it a perfect lighting option and gives the option to install almost anywhere and a much safer option than other methods which could become safety hazards.


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Being only 3mm thick, our extremely thin LED tape can be installed to even the smallest of spaces. With its own 3M self-adhesive backing, this allows for the simplest of applications to most smooth surfaces.

LED tapes main selling point and key attribute, is its efficiency; once installed, it will consume less electricity, yet still produce a powerful output. LED lighting statistically draws around 85% less electricity than the standard incandescent lighting. Alongside the main advantage of energy efficiency, is LED’s long life span, the flexible tape has a huge life expectancy making it the obvious choice for lights left on for many hours a day such as a retail environment.

The benefits of installing flexible LED solutions can be simplified as getting more light, generating less heat, at a significantly lower cost.

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