Ceiling Light Boxes

Suspended and recessed ceiling lightboxes with application-specific LED illumination

Bulky track systems and restrictive grid systems. The old guard when it comes to ceiling lighting that somehow always result in a compromise, whether that’s in design, efficiency or flexibility.

We always wondered why there wasn’t a better solution, which led to the development of a ceiling light box system that not only provides the flexibility needed in fast-paced environments, but delivers stunning aesthetics and high-quality illumination in a custom-finished frame.

Enter, Unibox ceiling-mounted lightbox solutions.

Much more than simply suspending one of the lightboxes we’re renowned for making, we developed a completely new system that would ensure performance when we brought illumination to a new plane.

Integrating application-specific illumination into lightweight aluminium frames that feature custom fabric faces, all of which are designed and manufactured in-house, results in one of the most flexible and technically-advanced ceiling light box systems on the market.

Inside our market-leading ceiling light box

Our first consideration during the manufacturing process is application-specific lighting. As you can imagine, illuminating an office space is completely different from lighting a new product range. Therefore, our in-house team of lighting and technical designers will develop a solution ideal for your space, taking factors such as existing ambient light and required output into consideration.

An integral part of this process is diffusing the light effectively, creating a homogenous source of light. Tension fabric is perfect for this, allowing lightweight custom fabrics to stretch across the face of your ceiling light box - whether that's a simple white fabric or something more intricate.

All of this is incorporated within a lightweight aluminium frame, that is designed to be recessed, suspended or integrated within an existing support structure. Each frame comes with the option of custom outer finishes, catering for everything from specific RAL colours to wood-effect wraps.

Our Ceiling Light Box Projects

Mitsubishi + Dalziel & Pow

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Businesswise Interiors

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