Ledge 65 LED Lightbox

Ledge 65 is a 65mm deep LED Lightbox, designed for high-powered, even graphic illumination.

Ledge 65 is single-sided LED Lightbox, designed to be wall-mounted, ceiling-hung, and freestanding (in larger sizes).

Utilising energy efficient & high powered linear PCB’s, Ledge 65 combines impactful illuminated graphics and reduced power consumption.

Created in sizes up to 3m x 50m, Ledge 65 is a backlit lightbox utilising replaceable tension fabric graphics. Ledge 65 can also be specified with “Magnetik” integration, allowing for the creation of ‘floating’ product displays via magnets mounted into the Lightbox back-panel.

Ledge 65 - one of the most technologically advanced LED Lightbox displays on the market

Our LED illumination goes beyond putting a light behind a graphic.

We closely control the manufacture of every element within our Lightboxes, ensuring critical considerations such as heat dissipation, flux binning, colour temperature and much more are managed effectively, resulting in a display that creates maximum visual impact whilst providing longevity and high performance.



Ledge 65 LED Lightboxes Customised to Your Environment

Magnetik Product Display Integration

As all of our Ledge 65 Lightboxes are manufactured in-house, we can customise displays for your specific needs. This allowed us to develop a new 'Magnetik' display system which integrates directly into Ledge 65. 

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Lightbox Finishes

We realise the importance of light boxes blending seamlessly into interior environments, and offer unique finish options to the framework, from wood & brushed metals, to aged-copper & custom logo printing.

Custom LED Lightbox Illumination

Brightness levels, colour temperature, light distribution, and power management are all considered as part of the final design.

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