The range of integrated display lighting systems by Unibox

Enhance your shelving displays with lightbars, lightboxes, and illuminated panels, by retro-fitting our innovative track and connector systems into standard retail shelving.


Konnekt Pro

Konnekt Hive

Konnekt Twist

Designed to be inserted into slotted uprights. A mounted track and magnetic connector system. A mounted or recessed track with a twist-fit connector.



Our latest innovation for the retail sector has been developed in conjunction with retailers to solve the problem of effective retro-fit illumination to standard shelving systems that are already in situ.

Many retailers and visual merchandisers are facing the problem. The shelving is already there, it's fully stocked and other lighting solutions are either: too dificult to install, or very unsightly. With our extensive experience retail display and illumination, our product development team have been able to achieve an elegant, simple and extreamly effective solution to these problems. The resulting patented Konnekt system is exclusively available from Unibox, and is already being implemented across the UK as the go-to solution for retro-fit illumination for retail shelving.


  • No tools required to install the power track. It simply slides into the slotted upright and holds itself in position.
  • No need to de-merchandise shelves when installing lightbars, saving time and avoiding any problems.
  • No tools required for adding or moving the lighting elements. All accessories are plug and play making it the easiest to use system of its kind.
  • Easily remove and reuse all power tracks and lighting accessories for ultimate forward flexibility. Meaning you can alter the illumination elements in your stores easily and effectively.
  • Patented connector design guarantees solid connection first time, every time. No need to worry about loose connections or fiddly connectors. The push fit design guides itself into position and the magnets lock it firmly into place guaranteeing a reliable connection.


The Konnekt system fits any height and can be tailored to suit different depths of S50 upright. It is also completely removable and reusable if required.


  • Able to work with any standard shelving system with S50 H-slot upright.
  • Designed to be as invisible as possible. Meaning no unsightly tracks ruining your display.
  • Doesn’t interfere with any shelf brackets, back panels or feet.
  • Send power to the track from any position on the upright. As long as there is an available slot, you can plug in the power allowing complete flexibility.
  • The power track can be provided as double-sided, for double-sided uprights. Meaning connectors can be plugged in from either side.
  • Power tracks can be ordered to fit any depth or height of slotted upright. They can also be tailored to suit most sizes of slotted uprights without compromising any of the functionality.


Works with:

  • EDEN
  • Evolve S50i
  • CAEM S50
  • TegoClassic

+ many others

Konnekt can be used to effectively illuminate any retail items without de-merchandising the shelves.

The system can also deliver power to bespoke displays, making a it a truly unique and flexible product.

Konnekt can be easily retro-fitted to existing shelving by simply sliding the patented track into the slotted upright and using the self-guided power connector (which can work through any of the available H-slots in the upright) which will hold itself in position magnetically, guaranteeing a solid secure connection.

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