Illuminated Signage

Illuminated Signage designed to your custom specifications with bespoke LED illumination

Unibox are UK manufacturers of Illuminated Signs, creating displays with custom LED illumination to your specifications - from individual illuminated letters to backlit signs. 

We deliver end to end design & manufacturing services to ensure illuminated signage is as effective as possible for your business. Our technical design team will work with you to specify the perfect solution depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for, and the location/space available. This results in technical drawings & visuals of your final solution, before this is passed through to our in-house lighting and manufacturing teams. 

Although it may seem obvious, the lighting element of illuminated signage is incredibly important, however it’s often overlooked. We don’t just put a light behind a graphic or logo, we develop a custom lighting setup that matches the effect you’re looking for in the location you specify. For example, if you’re looking to illuminate a graphic display in a shop window, your illuminate backlit signage needs to be much brighter than what would be required inside a store. Another example would be if you’re displaying graphics or letters with rich red tones, the LEDs used to illuminate your signage would need to be a low colour temperature to highlight warmer colours.

Working with Unibox, all of these elements are taken into consideration, resulting in illuminated signage designed to meet your requirements.

How effective are illuminated signs?

Research indicates that illuminated signs can increase your sales by up to 30%, and there are a number of ways your business can maximise the impact of your graphic displays and advertising. However, the type of illuminated sign you create will depend on the reason you’re looking to implement it. We’ve worked with large retailers such as George @ ASDA to implement Neonist - an LED alternative to traditional neon signage, that was a letter-based design specifically made to attract attention towards their denim section. 

Our illuminated signs aren’t designed exclusively for retail, we’ve also partnered with architectural agencies for implementation in interior environments, such as Gail’s Bakery, an award-winning artisan bakery in London. They required a neon-style, letter-based illuminated sign with the words ‘Contentement Passe Richesse’. 

Our commitment to high quality LED illumination is a key factor for businesses looking at illuminated signage. LEDs not only provide you with greater control of the light output, they’re also much safer compared to more traditional methods of illumination. With an experienced team of technical designers in-house, every display we create integrates essential heat dissipation factors, mounting PCB’s and any heat-generating elements to aluminium sections that draw the heat away from the light source, creating longer-lasting illuminated signs, alongside a hugely reduced maintenance schedule.

Types of Illuminated Signage

Neon-Style Signage

We’ve developed a custom variation to Neon signage, due to its renaissance within retail & interior environments. You can create Neonist to your own specifications, from bespoke colours to custom outer-casing to highlight the letters or logo you want to display. 

Learn more about Neonist

Backlit Signage

We’re the UK’s leading manufacturers of LED Lightboxes, having supplied retailers & architects with custom backlit signage solutions. We can create backlit displays from 18mm-200mm in depth, with high-powered & efficient integrated LED lighting.

Learn more about LED Lightboxes

Custom Signage

Our manufacturing capabilities have resulted in some stunning custom displays. A well known high street bank integrated our laser-cut illuminated signage into their self-service account opening displays, which when combined with an outer-halo display, looks incredible.

Learn more about Kontour

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