Creative Lighting Solutions For Retail

Store lighting is one of the most valuable assets for retailers of all types. When designed intelligently, it has the power to transform the way in which people experience a space by shaping their emotions, guiding their movements and encouraging their actions.

In practice, then, this means that the interior lighting specified for a store can determine the likelihood that shoppers will be converted from browsers into buyers.

Recognising the importance of lighting for the retail industry, Retail Focus invited Unibox to contribute alongside a panel of experts on the development of innovative, creative lighting solutions that are capable of increasing footfall within stores and even boosting sales.

Here are three ways in which retailers can incorporate ultra-effective lighting in their stores.

  1. Work directly with lighting designers. By working alongside specialists in the design and manufacture of lighting systems for retail spaces, it’s possible to create solutions that are optimised to perform according to the functional, visual and commercial needs of a store.
  2. Use a range of different lighting fixtures. Bringing a mixture of different brightness levels and colour temperatures is a highly-effective way of creating an excellent sense of depth within retail spaces.
  3. Choose brand-appropriate lighting. The entire look and feel of a store can be dictated by the lighting used, so it’s vital to specify systems that deliver light levels that align with a brand’s identity and with the preferences of its customers.

For more information and insights on the importance of creativity in retail lighting, read the full article in Retail Focus here.