Bespoke exhibition system in collaboration with event specialist WRG for Adidas

For over 25 years, communications specialist WRG has been helping clients create memorable experiences and evoke emotions at events and exhibitions across the world.

With an impressive client list that includes Jack Daniels, Shell, Jaguar, and Tiffany & Co, WRG was appointed by Adidas to present the sportswear brand as the true partner of long-distance runners at the London Marathon.

Unibox partnered with WRG in providing a bespoke solution for Adidas’ exhibition space as part of this project.


Both WRG and Unibox were tasked with delivering Adidas' vision for the event, transforming concepts into a structural reality.

Due to our advanced manufacturing skills, in-house machinery and experienced team of employees, Unibox was ideally placed to partner with WRG on this project.

The challenge was on a grand scale and involved the construction of a 28m long wave, which we created using the Unibox Modular System. To achieve the desired result, a total of 42 profiles were bent to the exact angle within our factory.


The giant wave was to be hung from the ceiling. To accomplish this we used 112 gripple drop wires attached to a bespoke black mesh along the full length of the wave. 

In addition, we also created and supplied a number of large frames and doubled-sided tension fabric systems.

The success of the entire project hinged on installation. As such, Unibox sent a technical team to the Expo to personally install the wall as the profiles had to be connected in a particular order to get the shape of the wave correct.


The result was a stunning centrepiece to a high profile event display, which provided an inspiring backdrop that successfully raised awareness of Adidas' products on display, as well as generating footfall around this key area.

Our work with WRG highlights our ability to design and manufacture specially commissioned exhibition and event display solutions.

With extraordinary manufacturing skills, the result was a triumph of modular aluminium. However, committed to putting our clients’ interests before our own, where something more bespoke is needed, or if there is something already out there that better suits the project, we’re not afraid to tell you about it.

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