Large scale exhibition solution for the launch of LIV, via Whiteroom Design Agency

Liv is a cycling brand dedicated to women, launched through parent brand Giant. To assist with the launch of the new brand, Liv enlisted the help of Whiteroom, who were tasked with creating an engaging event space that clearly communicated their commitment to female customers. 

To realise this vision, Whiteroom turned to Unibox, who turned design concepts into a manufactured solution, resulting in ceiling hung 3D TFS banners and freestanding tension fabric displays.


Provided with a full set of designs and visualisations, our technical design team set about creating working drawings and CAD specifications to test the viability of these designs. 

After reconstructing the initial visuals, we provided Whiteroom with a set of drawings that we were confident would match the solution Liv were searching for.


After guiding our clients towards the ideal solution, our manufacturing team started developing the actual products.

This was the first instance 3D TFS was used as a hanging banner, therefore our experiened CAD designers tested the structure throughout the process, ensuring a modular fabric display solution could be created to such a large size.

We then worked with Whiteroom's print agency, confirming that the fabric itself fitted the bespoke framework, whilst retaining all of the expected benefits of our Tension Fabric System.


The result was a hugely successful event & launch for Liv, with a custom 3D TFS banner being created that incorporated custom curved profiles to match the brand identity of Liv.

Combined with freestanding TFS displays on the adjacent Giant space, the event engaged with a wealth of target clients whilst raising brand awareness for both Liv & Giant.

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