Unibox created an award-winning exhibition space at EuroShop 2017, using their latest eye-catching technology to act as a draw for both exhibitors and visitors to the worlds largest retail trade fair.

Our space at EuroShop encompassed our commitment to innovation, as we launched our new transparent video screen Kino, alongside our latest technological advancements - the patented Kinetik lightbox, Neonist, Magnetik & LED Lightboxes.

Our Message

Due to the products we intended on launching at the show, the natural message we wanted to portray was innovation. However, due to exhibiting in the designer village area of EuroShop, which predominantly consists of 3x3 areas, we didn’t have much space to get this message across.

Our creative director Nikki Talbot (who is used to being set challenges such as this!), set to work on utilising every last inch of space we had on offer, showcasing our latest products whilst drawing attention.

Eye-catching Display

Kino - our new transparent video screen was the showstopper. Placed front and centre of the exhibition space, it gained a huge amount of attention both in person and over social media, with visitors sharing images and coming to the stand because of how impressive it looked!

Another ingenious element of the stand design was wrapping the exterior in Ledge 46 LED Lightboxes - specifically designed to seamlessly illuminate around corners. When combined with a Ledge 65 Magnetik, both the interior & exterior of the stand were doing their job of attracting visitors, or at least stopping them in their tracks (we then left it up to our sales team to do their job!).

An Award-Winning Stand Design

We set upon EuroShop with a clear message we wanted to communicate, and our stand design as a result was incredibly effective. As always with trade shows, success is measured when following up, however we were exhibiting on a global level which means there’s also significant value in brand building. We just had to look at our twitter feed over the course of the week to reinforce the successful design of the stand, with it being inundated with comments on how amazing our products (particularly Kino!) looked.

If we could pass on one of the lessons we learned throughout EuroShop - it’s to ensure you’re using the space you have effectively. We combined elements of graphic & product display to create multi-dimensional effects that posed a question to visitors (mainly: “I wonder how they did that?”). Whilst displaying transparent video screens isn’t exactly ideal for all industries, using innovations such as Magnetik provides your stand with some ‘theatre’, or rather an element of design that allows visitors to interact, giving your sales team a higher chance of striking up conversations. 

Our stand design encompassed:

Kino: Transparent Video Technology. Contact us for more information

Magnetik: ‘Floating’ shelves enable the design of stylish, eye-catching product displays. Learn more

Neonist: LED Alternative to Neon Signage. Learn more

LED Lightboxes: Ledge 46 Corner Lightboxes & Custom-Shaped Lightboxes. Learn more

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