Unibox deliver reconfigurable retail displays & attention catching neon-style LED signage for Tidy Street General Store, Brighton

In their own words, Tidy Street General Store is ‘a carefully curated mix of homewares, fashion, jewellery, accessories and books’. By its very nature, the store required a system that allowed constant modularity and catered for a range of merchandise.

Working with Florence Dixon, and her father, renowned British designer Tom Dixon, we developed a system that could adapt to the eclectic and constantly evolving range of products on offer.

A Modular Approach

Tom approached our Creative Director, Nikki, with a particular concept in mind using the UA4147 profile (which in layman’s terms is a 100mm wide aluminium profile) to create perimeter shelves and rails that could be constantly reconfigured, adapting to the products on offer at any given time. The profile was held in compression from floor to ceiling, with horizontal braces, designed to hold shelves or clothes rails, fixed where required to the system.

The exposed mechanics & extruded aluminium sections, combined with beautiful marble slabs and chrome rails result in an incredible, display system with an authentic feel. 

Neon Signage

Keen to provide another dimension to the interior display, Florence & Tom requested a neon-style sign that wasn’t going to present them with the usual issues of neon itself. Neonist was created with this application in mind, particularly for retailers, meaning we could use our in-house manufacturing facilities to fabricate a portable illuminated display, with custom edge details, LED Lighting and mounting options.

The result was a neon-style sign featuring individual letters with a chamfered face edge, mounted onto a clear acrylic back panel and then fixed onto a plywood platform. The whole unit was then encased within a clear acrylic vitrine to give it character and a perception of fragility.

The Result

It was essential that the aesthetic of the shop retained its original feel, and we were delighted that Tom & Florence trusted our combinations of in-house design expertise and manufacturing capabilities to deliver displays that provided modularity without sacrificing style.

Working with Florence & Tom, who, by now, knows the Unibox system like the back of his hand, the entire process was incredibly quick, from design concepts to fabrication. We’re looking forward to seeing how the modular solution in Tidy Street General Store evolves.

Florence commented:

"Unibox were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The whole process was simple, from design to installation and the communication from the Unibox team was impeccable. Delivery dates were clearly communicated and the lead time was always accurate. 

The Unibox systems we have are perfect for our shop: discreet enough to let our displays speak for themselves but also beautifully designed, strong and durable. They were also adaptable enough for a shop which stocks four different collections a year. 

The design is easy to clean and maintain, which is a must for a busy shop environment. We were looking for a display which would work in a space which was space -limited and we couldn't be happier with the result. 

Our Unibox Neonist is also one of the most commented and complimented aspects of the shop. Overall, we couldn't be happier with the result and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Unibox team." 

Learn more about Neonist here, or get more information on our modular systems here.

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