Various exhibition stand designs in collaboration with Pinnacle Creative (including Cross Pens)

Founded in 2013, Pinnacle Creative provides a wealth of graphic design expertise to a variety of household brand names, across a broad range of industries. One of these clients is Cross Pens.  

Unibox has partnered with Pinnacle Creative on a number of projects, providing innovative exhibition stands that help bring their creative concepts to life.


The brief was clean and elegant, with the design to be based on the style that Cross Pens’ American Subsidiary had already started using.

Cross Pens asked Pinnacle Creative to design and build two exhibition stands for the 2016 Promotional Product Expo and The CTCO (a trade show that promotes the professional gift and garment community).


We pulled together a full inventory of Pinnacle's existing profiles, and, using their creative concepts and designs, Unibox produced visuals to exact dimensions, proceeding to project manage all other details required to manufacture the exhibition stands for Cross.


The result combined elements of the Unibox Modular Stand system, including our 3D Tension Fabric System, metro counters and goal post LED lighting system – all specially designed to be easily reconfigured to fit different stand spaces.

Our proactive partnership approach ensured that the design team at Pinnacle Creative never had to worry about the restrictions of the manufacturing process. 

What’s more, by combining tailor-made designs with existing elements of the Unibox Modular System, the end result was, not only unique but also great value for money.

Indeed, the collaboration was such a success that we are currently working together on another stand for B Tech Tools.

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