Immersive pod creation for Peter & Paul as part of a campaign for the Official Tourist Board for the Peak District & Derbyshire

A design communications studio, Peter & Paul search for what’s unique about a business, product, service, charity - or even a place -and connect that uniqueness to an audience.

Seeking the manufacture of a portable pod as part of a wider campaign for the Official Tourist Board for the Peak District & Derbyshire, Peter & Paul approached Unibox to help bring their creative ideas to life.


Our technical experts began by looking at three different booth ideas provided by Peter & Paul, who sought our insight and expertise into which design was most suitable for their requirements.

3D TFS allowed the design team to seamlessly wrap graphics around corners, making it the perfect system for the creation of a pod, with the structural elements to ensure the interior of the POD could be decorated.


A highlight of the concept was a hidden room within the pod, incorporating a secret door for the actors (who were all twins), to swap places.

This was created using aluminium profiles spanning the width of the pod, with padded internal walling mounted onto the framework that perfectly matched the side walls.

To create the initial moment of theatre, along with the concealed white gating, linear LED lighting was installed around the edge of the entrance, designed to provide a halo effect.

The Results

The result was an immersive and creative pod that brought the Peter & Paul creative and strategic campaign to life.

The escape pod landed in the Bullring, Birmingham in March 2016. Members of the public entered the pod at random, transported to areas far and wide within the Peak District, and exited the pod completely transformed...

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