Pantheon Interiors, a new venture creating luxury furniture aimed predominantly at the property development market, at the start of 2016 approached Unibox with the proposition of a collaboration, whereby we would design a range of occasional tables using our newly launched 25/25 profile system in a range of metal, stone and timber finishes to illustrate the options, with a view to exhibiting these for one month in a Clerkenwell showroom in order to gauge reaction and refine the offer.

Over the past two decades, we have built up a reputation for designing and manufacturing aluminium systems but with our increasing focus on the retail industry, we decided it was high time we developed something more elegant and slimline to rival and compete with these popular steel structures.


We created an occasional table concept based on layered geometric form, focusing on how the tables would sit together as a collection – overlapping and interacting with each other.

Using 3D modelling software, we created models of the tables to identify the correct scale and proportion. We used this as an exercise to test the existing 25/25 system in terms of the angled connections we could achieve, and experiment with the various connection methods to discover how the system should be used from both a practical and value engineering point of view but also, aesthetically.


This collaborative project is particularly interesting for us as it focusses on every element being lightweight.

The table tops, which include; marble, travertine, concrete and granite, are created using veneered stone between 3mm and 0.8mm thick, which is then bonded to a robust but still inherently lightweight substrate depending on the type of stone, giving it extra rigidity and strength. 

The Result

We see that the retail market is saturated with welded/fabricated steel VM & display structures and 25/25 was developed as a reaction to this – to design a system that could be lightweight, flat-pack and therefore a cost-effective solution, adding value to roll-out schemes that require national or international distribution.

"When the tables arrived at the exhibition space and were unveiled revealing the finishes for the first time, I had to pinch myself that we’d managed to design, develop and make a furniture collection within 8 weeks! And so far the reaction has been extremely positive and complimentary for both Pantheon Inteiors and Unibox." Nikki Talbot, Creative Director, Unibox

The tables are now on display in an exhibition space beneath the TOTO Bathroom showroom (Clerkenwell, London), alongside other Pantheon Interior furniture, until the end of June.

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