Custom Ledge 105 Magnetik product display for Oi Polloi

Founded in 2002, Oi Polloi are a menswear retailer, specialising in classic and contemporary items.

Quickly becoming known for their limited runs and collaborations with global brands (Adidas, amongst others), Unibox were approached to create an eye-catching display that incorporated both graphics and products.


Working directly with our New Product Development team, sketches were drawn of what the Magnetik system could offer, and how we could adapt it to suit a testing retail environment.

Following the development of detailed sketches, and a more thorough brief from the Oi Polloi team, we proceeded to create prototypes of the system.


Using CAD, we mocked up the final solution and annotated the features it would consist of, ensuring that this would live up to expectations from Oi Polloi.

Thankfully, our designs surpassed all expectations and we continued to manufacture the bespoke Ledge 105 lightbox, with integrated Magnetik shelving system.


Installed into the newly launched Soho store, our custom display created awareness around new product launches and continues to provide a reconfigurable solution for the team.

Showcasing our commitment to developing the ideal display for our clients, we pride ourselves on our manufacturing capability which allows us to tailor products to exact specifications with fast turnaround times.

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