Design concepts and manufacturing detailing for a new HTC productTaiwanese multinational manufacturer of smartphones and tablets, HTC, launched the HTC One M8 in 2014 to positive reviews.

To help launch the product across a network of Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK, HTC appointed independent retail design consultancy Quantum 4.

Together with Quantum 4, the Unibox team developed design concepts and manufacturing detailing for a custom product display, manufactured specifically to match HTC's flagship handset.  


Because of our knowledge of integrating lighting into aluminium profile structures, and our unique design expertise, Quantum 4 approached Unibox to bring its creative concept to life.

Working in collaboration with Quantum 4, we provided full engineering drawings for the system. And, based on our in-house manufacturing capabilities and technical design expertise, Unibox subsequently went on to manufacture the roll out of bespoke display units.


Before build, we provided a prototype of the product display, and once approved, used bespoke manufacturing and new processes to integrate high visibility signage and product displays into a single unit. This included accommodating a mid-level merchandising shelf, a high level tensioned fabric lightbox, the integration of security product display, and a prominently featured HTC logo beneath the merchandise.

What’s more, we also devised integrated LED lighting with bespoke colour temperatures and configurations into our designs.


The result was a custom LED lightbox display, with an integrated sliding shelving unit and branded signage panel, for enhanced in-store brand awareness. Featuring all of the benefits of our standard lightbox range, HTC's bespoke solution incorporated a brushed effect finish, with integrated secure handset mounts.

Combining a partnership approach, bespoke manufacturing skills, and cutting-edge machinery, from brief to completion we helped Quantum 4 to launch the new HTC One M8 successfully across the UK.

Unique in our capabilties, we provided HTC & Quantum 4 with a host of specialist servcies, including: engineering drawing design, prototype production, specialist stainless steel fabrication, laser cut aluminium panels, RAL colour matching and integrated LED lighting.

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