Bespoke visual merchandising displays for Carphone Warehouse

British mobile phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse boats over 2,400 stores across Europe.

One of the most recognised brand names in the industry, at the start of the decade, the business undertook a major revamp of its high-street stores.

Carphone Warehouse approached Unibox to create a bespoke visual merchandising solution, perfect for displaying mobile phones and tablets.

With expert manufacturing all done in house, the Unibox team not only ensured accuracy of design and materials, but also developed solutions to tackle any problems the initial plans threw up.

With some of the UK’s most advanced machinery and process used on this project – including CNC routing machines, specialist compression and bonding techniques, and a laser-etching machine - the retail displays were also prototyped before production, resulting in a smooth installation process.


Working closely with Carphone Warehouse, our first task was to design an aluminium slat wall profile to match their exact merchandising specifications. After which, it would be bonded to MDF panels, forming the basis of their perimeter wall display.

However, due to the significant loads involved, standard bonding of aluminium to MDF was not an option. As such Unibox developed a specialist bonding technique that included a pneumatic press, chemically proven adhesives from the composites industry, and bespoke jigs that ensured precision alignment of each completed load-bearing perimeter panel.


The second part of the project required us to perfect the design and manufacture steel and acrylic illuminated product display units that would be suspended from the slat wall perimeters. For this, we calculated the optimum dot matrix pattern and then, at our Manchester factory, laser etched it into the cast acrylic panels.

The panels were then side–lit by our own high-performance LEDs for a perfectly illuminated face, and finally, laser and CNC technology produced the precisely aligned apertures through which the products would be displayed.


Working with both technical and display teams at Carphone Warehouse, our collaboration has produced results that have not only been a triumph of engineering innovation and sustainable manufacturing, but have also created a retail experience which, after five years, is still returning impressive results.

What’s more, with a commitment to constant improvement and a real partnership approach, we’ve continued to work with Carphone Warehouse to update and improve its displays across Europe – making sure they don’t only deliver value today, but are also ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

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