Leading UK-based lighting technology specialists & manufacturers, Lumenal are the sister company to Unibox, creating some of the most technologically advanced LED lighting solutions on the market, offering insight and expertise on how best to creatively integrate lighting into displays.

At the forefront of the lighting industry when it comes to the delivery of intelligent display solutions, our commercial approach means that, as well as creating interesting new products, we also focus on the end goal of every solution, delivering return on your investment.

Expertly positioned LED lighting helps your products and displays grab maximum attention, which when combined with the energy saving benefits of LED’s and bespoke lighting specifications available, provide a high quality solution for any interior environment.

Lumenal manufacture a range of lighting solutions: display cabinet lighting, linear lighting, LED panels, and modular/flexible light engines. Whatever the requirement, there are several variations of depth, colour temperature, optics and profile design, allowing you to specify these at concept stage, or equally retro-fitting into existing solutions.

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